Will My Floor Joists Handle This 135g


So I posted this in general discussion but got no responses maybe no one visits or I wrote it too long.. So ill try to make it short but no garuntees.

I have a 135 6ft tank. was built in 1982 and it had a custom built angle iron stand.. The stand is heaaavy and made out of 3.16th steel which is thicker then a pickup truck frame.

With that said the stand has 4 legs of course. and are L shaped so I welded 3.16th GA steel to the bottoms to distribute weight better and I also added 2x10 pressure treated wood under each leg to distribute the weight over more of the subfloor.

The tank is in the 2nd level in my bedroom. and I put it against the outside wall. I dug into the dry wall as there is a bay window directly below and its a load bearing support using 2 2x10s with 2 2x4s on top.. and the joists all lay vertical on top.

I'm tired of my tank being right here though.. It blocking 70% of my window.. and I can't arrange my bed or desk in very good spots so I have no walking room and I have to stand on my bed to work on my tank lol..

If I move the tank to the other wall it would be sitting on the joists parrallel but id have soo much more room.. My Joists in my room are spanning 10-13 feet. And there is a beam on the first floor boxed in dry wall and this beam supports another load bearing support and this is where my joists rest with the other end on the outside load bearing wall the tank is currently on. Am I making sense ?

So my room joists are 13 feet long.. 2x10s but both end sit on load bearing supports.

Now here is the thing.. my tank may be sitting diagonal to the joists but with 4 legs 18 inchs apart This means each end of the tank is sitting on one joist.. And with only 18 inchs apart from each leg that means I have Bout 700 lbs of weight on one joist only and only 1 1.2 foot apart.. That's a lot of sheer weight.. But again the joist end is sitting on the load bearing bearing beam so there won't be any joist sag... But it does cause Sheering stress. If I had a normal stand all the weight would be on at least 4 joists.. vs 1 joist per side

Now if I put the tank where I want parrallel to the joists.. It will actually be sitting on two joists. The back legs will be on one joist, But 6 feet apart from eachother. The front legs on a 2nd joist 6 feet apart.. So there will be less weight on a single joist compared to where its sitting.. And if the joist is 13 feet long if I put the tank in between that and its 6 feet long.. Then each joist will have 370 lbs of weigt for each leg on the first 3 feet.

so because of this I don't think will cause the joist to sag.. It would probly sag if the legs were more in the middle of the joist am I right.. or no ? .

I'm sorry for making this long but I need your opinions...

Ill keep the tank where it is if I have too but I really wanna move it


I wouldn’t risk putting that on anything but a concrete slab personally. I mean there are so many factors involved there. Best of luck though!!


Well its been in the room 2 years and its veen fine. But its sitting right on the load bearing wall.. I wanna move it to the other wall but itd be parrallel to the joists


Yea I totally get that but that’s why a lot of homes built during the waterbed era had a steel beam for load bearing.


I would definitely get an architect to assess the structure of your house and give feedback. Even if it isn't immediately breaking through the floor, it could be putting stress on beams and other considerations that aren't immediately obvious depending on the age of the house or quality of materials.


I called a general contractor todsy and hes been doing construction for 30 years or was it 40 I forgot.

Anyway I tokd him the layout of my room. The length kf the joists being 12 feet. the double stacked 2x10 outer support beam my tabk sits on now.. And also the support beam on the otherside.. Because I dug into the dry wall ligjt I said and the 12 foot joists are being held by two load bearing beams 1 on each end.. I told him the weight of the tank. the 4 legs it has and also the type of wood.

He said it shouldnt be a problem to hold the tank up if I mount it parrallel like I want.. He said I should get two 2x10 pressure treated boards 6 1.2 feet long.. And lay thrm under my stand legs parallel to the legs of course.. Then he would take some 2x4 and cut them to length and wedge them by cutting them slightky too long and hammering them in under the stand center steel beams and the 2x10 pressure treated wood.. do like 4 of em on the front and back.. This way my stand no longer has just 4 legs but like 8 or 10 legs.. And this will distribute the weight along the entire length of the joist.

He said if I do that itll hold just fine. essentky I'm turning my 4 leg steel stand in a full stand by doing this


Nobody here can really tell you if it will hold. You will need to get a structural engineer to come out and take a gander at it.

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