Will I need to do a 100% water change?


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I currently have my male rose petal betta in a 10 gallon tank by himself. I switched him over from a 5 gallon maybe a week ago and did a complete water change(along with slowly acclimating him). I have been working on cycling his tank since September 1st and right his readings are all currently at 0ppm for nitrate, nitrite, and ammonia. I used the API Master liquid test kit and did the readings not even an hour ago.

A couple of days ago I noticed he had a few scales missing and a slight case of fin rot. I went to the store and bought him some aquarium salt and stress coat. I brought the temperature of his tank from a steady 82 to 80-79 degrees. I also decreased the time his Floramax light was on(I have live plants in his tank) from 10-12 hours a day to 7-9 hours. I also increased his daily pellets by one or two so he can get extra energy(though tomorrow will be a fasting day cause he's looking a little chubby).

I added 10ml of stress coat to his tank, as it says to add 5ml per every 10 gallon and to double that to replace the slime coat and repair damaged scales and fins. I then added 2 rounded tablespoons of aquarium salt to his tank.

After doing some more research though I've been seeing that it says I should do a 100% water change daily when treating with aquarium salt to prevent liver damage. Should I do a full water change to prevent this? I have had the aquarium salt and stress coat in for a day now and his missing scales are fully healed and his fin rot may be getting better? I looked at pictures of when I first got him and his fins do look fuller in the pictures but the same blackish edging is still present. I'm not sure if it's part of his coloring also to have that black edging.

Here are pictures of his fins now:
And pictures before I noticed the fin rot:

So that was a lot of rambling and a lot of information but I still may be forgetting something so feel free to ask for anything. And again, my question is in case you forgot, do you think I should do a 100% water change to avoid liver damage? If so when?

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