Will evaporated oil settle on the water surface?


well from awhile ago I thought it was the smoke that caused my water to slimy, so as suggested I put on an air line, but the funny thing is now the tiny bubble that are supposed to burst are just floating on the surface, my tank is near the kitchen and my mom has been doing a lot of cooking lately so my question is will the evaporated cooking oil settle on top of the aquarium water surface?


Depending on what type of filtration you have and your area the above link may be something for you to look into. I have 2 of them on different tanks and I don't have any issues with surface scum.



Most of the time when you notice oil on the surface it is from the food you are using to feed the tank with.



its possible that oil could splash into the tank if its not covered well, I've noticed on my flattop stove that when I fry anything in a regular skillet that the oil tends to get splattered all over in very small amounts (even as high as hitting the light and vent 2 feet above the stove), so its possible. try turning your pumps off for a few minutes and see if the oil collects, for a comparison of how its supposed to look, you could take some aquarium water into a cup and put some drops of oil in it. That should tell you whether you have oil in there or not.
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