Will driftwood lower my pH?

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    Smtcoil New Member Member

    So I have a ten gallon tank that has been up and running for about a week now. I'm letting it run without fish so that when I get them it will be set without worries. But the pH of my water is rather high. The fish I want to get prefer around 7.5 and mine is 8.3. So I've read that driftwood will lower pH due to the tannins it releases. I'm planning on adding some to my tank. Will two 6" pieces lower my pH? It doesn't have to be exactly 7.5 but 8.3 is high for my preferance. I've read a lot on pH because I am trying to prolong getting fish until my pH has lowered and is stable there. It's not my filter or my substrate. I have naturally hard water and that raises pH. Really all I'm trying to ask is if driftwood will help me or not. I've tried ph decreaser and I won't use it ever again. I got it down to 7.6 at around 8 at night. Next morning at 7, it's back to 8.3.
  2. Anastasia Vedmedenko

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    Yep! Driftwood should lower it. I have two 8" pieces of malaysian driftwood in my 10 gallon and it took my pH from 7 to 6.5 which is perfect for my fish. The tannins can get a little annoying though. And if you don't boil your driftwood, your water can go a dark orange. Also, if you want tannins, don't buy driftwood from large chain stores. I've bought driftwood at places like Petland and have not seen any tannins from those pieces. Hope this helps!
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    Smtcoil New Member Member

    Ok so good news. The driftwood has taken my pH from an 8.2 to a 7.9 over a span of 3 days! My water hasn't discolored much either! So great full the driftwood helped :)