Will different types of kuhli school together?

  1. Jowenbra Member Member

    More specifically will pangio shelfordii and pangio semicincta school together? I have 6 semis (80% sure) so far and would love to add some shelfordii if they school together. Anyone have any experience?
  2. octavio Member Member

    I've never seen them school together, but they have no problem hanging out and hiding together in a pipe cave or half of an upturned clay pot. I have a small herd of mixed kuhlies who all spend their time together lounging among the base stems of a big sword plant. No problems. Good luck.
  3. Jowenbra Member Member

    By school I mostly meant will they feel comfortable together, like would 12 mixed kuhlis be just as happy/relaxed as 12 of the same species?
  4. octavio Member Member

    Yes. They will get along fine. The only problem with kuhlies is they prefer to hide most of the time.

    Good luck.
  5. Jowenbra Member Member

    That's why I wanted them to be comfortable, so they would come out and large numbers appear to be the best way to do that