Will bleach dip plant kill fish disease


So i have a fish with white fuzzy shots on it's head area and i want to treat him with salt and heat because i have no means of getting proper meds and I've always used salt and heat. Only issue is my tank is heavily planted so i know the salt will kill the plants and i don't want that for these plants. I have no issue pulling them up and then tasting the fish and tank like usual. Will a bleach dip on these plants kill whatever disease the fish has. I've bleach dipped before to kill snails and parasitic critters. But never had an issue with any fish diseases. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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Bleach dipping your plants will not help the fish at all unfortunately. Is there some way you could make a makeshift QT tank? Like maybe a storage tote if you don't have an extra tank? Only other thing I can think of is taking all the plants out and keep them in tank water for a few days until you are done treating the fish with the salt and heat.


I think hes asking if bleach dipping his plants will make them safe to put back in his tank after hes done treating it


I'd only use heathtreatment (no salt) so your fish and plants be okay.

Is it definitely Ich? How did it get introduced ?
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