Will Binox kill your bio filter?

Adam T
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I have a blue ram with a fungal infection (I think). It is a white cottony-looking oval shaped spot about 1/4 inch long on the side of his body. Doesn't look like Ich, because it's localized in one spot. The other blue ram has a split in his dorsal fin that has widened and has white, frayed edges. I have purchased Binox. I plan to remove the carbon from my filter and dose tonight. I'm wondering if I should remove my bio-wheel during treatment. I'd rather not, since I obviously need the biological filtration. Also, the tank is only about 6 weeks old, and I don't want to kill the bio filter just as it is getting established (I cycled with bio-spira). These rams are very delicate it seems. My other fish look and act very healthy.
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Well, I don't know anything about this medication. You should read the label, and on the label it should say whether the medication interferes with biological filtration. If it does ... well, even if it will cure the disease, it may cause another disease due to high ammonia and/or nitrite content in your water (without biological filtration, these two compounds will rise).

However, when you use ANY medication, it's good to remove activated carbon as it will remove the medication from the water and render it ineffective. So you're right about that. Though, activated carbon loses its effectiveness after 1-2 weeks of use.

P.S. You're sure of the disease that you fish has, right? And the medication you have specifically cures your fish's disease, right? You always have to be careful not to misdiagnose.
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Don't take this the wrong way, but with all due respect, I wouldn't be bothering everyone with the question if it were answered on the label or the manufacturer's website (Jungle Labs). As my post indicates, I understand the need for biological filtration, and the problems that arise from high ammonia. I'm not a fish expert, and I don't know whether I have correctly diagnosed the problem or not, but I read what I can and I'm doing my best here.

In any event, Binox is a broad based remedy that purports to cure both bacterial and fungal infections. It consists of yellow crystals, which leave a lovely (not) yellow tint in the water. The active ingredients are sodium chloride and nitrofurazone, and the product is recommended on the Fishlore site: https://www.fishlore.com/Disease.htm

I've done a number of web searches and I can't seem to find any information on whether this will harm the bio-filter. I thought that whoever recommended the product on Fishlore may know the answer. The LFS guy says it won't, but he wanted to sell me some Binox, so . . .

Any responsive info would be appreciated. Thanks.
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Don't take this the wrong way, but with all due respect, I wouldn't be bothering everyone with the question if it were answered on the label or the manufacturer's website (Jungle Labs).

I was just trying to help you by making sure that you know what your label says - I wasn't trying to offend, so I am sorry if you took it this way. As I've said, I do not know anything about this medication, so perhaps someone else will be able to help you. Good luck with your fish.
Adam T
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I'll give the manufacturer a call tomorrow and post what they say. It's pretty frustrating that they don't put this information on the label. I'm told that most modern remedies don't kill hte bio filter, and that this problem is largely one of the past.
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BTW, I didn't mean any offense to you either. Upon re-reading my post, perhaps I was a bit undiplomatic. I apologize. I know you're just trying to help, and I appreciate your dedication to the forum. As least you read my post and responded!! Sorry if I was rude.
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Many meds will kill off bacteria and will not distinguish between good and bad bacteria. Therefore, this medicine will most likely kill off the beneficial bacteria in your bio-filter (not scientific fact, just my opinion). From the manufacturers website "Clears Fungus and Bacteria Fast" here:

Do you have a pic? Maybe we could help diagnose.
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There is nothing to apologize for, it's OK. We're all friends here

Mike may be right. I believe if the company were 100% sure their product would not kill off the beneficial bacteria, they would have openly stated so on the label. But no information whatsoever on that subject sounds a little suspicious to me. A business that has nothing to hide, doesn't mind putting necessary information on the label. And information regarding the killing off the beneficial bacteria - which are the cornerstone of any mature tank - certainly is NECESSARY. An aquarist needs to know at all costs if a medication will or will not destroy his/her biological filtration.
Adam T
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Their reply is set forth below. I'm not sure it makes sense to me, but FYI. . .

Thank you for your inquiry about Jungle(r) products. We are happy that
you have chosen our products to use in your aquarium to help you
maintain the best possible environment for your fish and plants.

I would definitely give another dose unless you are absolutely sure that
the disease has not progressed any further. I know that with finrot that
is a little hard to determine, so I would continue treating until you
see the fins begin to grow back.

As long as you always make a 25% water change before each new dose,
there is no risk for fish in repeat treatments. Change only 25% of the
water, even when treatment is finished. A 50% water change can be way
too stressful for fish and also will destroy many of your beneficial
bacteria, which can lead to a minI cycle.

Any time you are doing a treatment with any product in your aquarium you
may lose some of the beneficial bacteria in your biological filtration.
That is why we recommend using Jungle(r) Start Zyme(r) water conditioner
on a regular basis to keep your biological filtration healthy. None of
Jungle Laboratories products are strong enough to kill your biological

Jungle(r) Binox(r) fish medication is an extra strength bacteria and
fungus treatment. It is an antibiotic product that clears severe fungus
and bacteria related problems; including cotton fungus, gray slime,
scratching, open sores, bloody spots and streaks, fin and tail rot, swim
bladder disease, Dropsy, and cloudy eyes.

Remove the activated carbon from your filter, but leave the filter
running. Fish need plenty of oxygen during treatments. Be sure to follow
the directions for measuring. As long as you do a 25% water change
before each treatment, you may continue to do treatments as long as
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This is not really an answer to your question, but I disagree with the Jungle Labs guy (or girl) about 50% water changes...they shouldn't stres the fish as long as you make sure the new water is the same temp, and a 50% water change should not lead to a minI cycle since the good bacteria grows in the filter and on tank surfaces, not in the water, so no mater how much water you change you are not removing the good bacteria. Some people actually do 50% water changes on a weekly basis if they keep large, messy fish such as Oscars. Although, most people save water changes of that size for only emergency situations.
Just thought I'd add that.
Also, I've had good success with other Jungle products, so I don't think there should be any problem with yours.
Adam T
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I thought the 50% water change remark was wrong too.

FYI, the binox did NOT kill my bio filter. My ammonia levels are still fine. Also, I did a 50% water change and put a new carbon filter in the tank and the water cleared right up. Can't tell it was ever yellow. The fish are doing fine.

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