Will ammo-lock work as a seachem prime substitute?


I had bought a bottle of seachem prime at a LFS but it had its sea opened and didn’t look too good.. do they expire? It has a very foul smell
Would this be an alternative?


Yeah Prime smells really bad its probably fine. That is what most people complain about.


No, you don't want to use ammo-lock in place of Prime. Ammo-lock locks up the ammonia. Prime simply detoxes it. Bacteria can't eat locked up ammonia.

The one draw back to Prime is the smell so I feel sure what you have is fine. I never pour directly from the big bottle. Doing so will end up getting it on the outside of the bottle and will smell really bad. I transfer some to a small dropper bottle. I occasionally drip drops from it but normally I remove the cap and use a syringe to add it to the water. Doing this prevents it getting anywhere I don't want it to be.

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