Will a Ghost Knife eat Shrimp?

Discussion in 'Ghost Shrimp' started by Anita Vidgen, Jul 2, 2014.

  1. Anita VidgenValued MemberMember

    Hi all,
    Just wondering is there a type of shrimp that my BGK WON't eat? I would like to h
    Get some shrimp but if the GK is going to snack on them, I won't bother.

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  2. ricmccWell Known MemberMember

    Given that BGK can get very large under proper conditions ( 20", but normally smaller), I have no doubt that they would thank you for any shrimp or small fish that you provide them with; however, not having kept BGK with shrimp before, this is just my very strong opinion, based mostly on their eating of any fish that will fit into their mouth.-----rick
  3. Anita VidgenValued MemberMember

    Thanks Ric, I thought that may of been the case. My BGK is reasonably large, so I would imagine that he would make a short order of them!! I was hoping there might of been a particular breed that they found distasteful or too big to have a munch.

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  4. Adam55Well Known MemberMember

    If it fits in the mouth, it often goes in the mouth. I think he definitely will eat shrimp.
  5. DolfanFishlore VIPMember

    It probably wont work, but you could try some ghost shrimp. They are super cheap (usually around $0.30 each near me) so you wouldn't be out too much of they didn't last. The ghost shrimp are pretty fast and since they are clear and hard to see, they may last a while. I'm sure a few would be eaten, but you may get a few to survive if you give them some hiding places and cover like plants and d├ęcor. Many people use the ghost shrimp as feeders anyway, so at very least they would be a healthy snack for your ghost knife fish.
  6. hampalongWell Known MemberMember

    I've had a few ghosts but never had one that would eat a fish of any size (I know, unusual), but yes they will eat shrimp.
  7. ricmccWell Known MemberMember

    The problem with that, Dolfan, is that GKF tend to hunt at night, and rather than eyes, use a mild electromagnetic field to find their prey, much like elephant noses do---I am terribly sorry to pun on this, but I would not give the shrimp a ghost of a chance.
    That hurt to type, sorry for any suffering inflicted upon the reader:)--rick

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