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Will 80 degrees kill ich?

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by BennyB, Mar 18, 2010.

  1. BennyB Valued Member Member

    I am having trouble with my heater. I tried to turn it up to 86 degrees to treat the ich, but for some reason my garbage heater couldn't get over 80. It is a 100watt heater(20gallons) in a 20 gal. tank. So I moved the heater, and my fish over to a 10 gallon quarantine tank to treat them.
    I guess it is the heat sensor that won't let me do it, but I figured in that small tank, the water would get up to 86 with no problems...but lo and behold, it still can't get over 80...:mad:

    I have a TopFin 100w submercible heater.( )
    I don't get this thing's deal, I'm getting a new one ASAP.
    I guess what I'm really asking, is can 80 degree water effectively treat ich?

  2. loachaholic Valued Member Member

    Not entirely sure, but I know when I had a pretty bad outbreak my tank didn't get any higher than 82. I just kept dosing with salt (no meds) and it had cleared up in about a week. Lost my 3 guppies, but our pleco who was absolutely COVERED in spots made it through none the worse for wear (and the poor guy even had spots on his eyes... :()

  3. BennyB Valued Member Member

    That's pretty bad. So far I've lost a Black Molly and a Glass fish. Even though I'm almost certain it wasn't the ich that killed them. I'm running low on salt, so if I moved them back to my main tank then perhaps the ich will go away, since I keep plenty of salt in that tank.
    I can see it has already began to die off, my fish are doing much better, now I'm just trying to get rid of it for good.

  4. sirdarksol Fishlore Legend Member

    82.5 is the temperature that ich can't reproduce at.
    Personally, to me, salt is the very last option, as it stresses most fish quite a bit, actually making them more susceptible to certain illnesses (though it is effective against ich).
    Temp is my first choice, followed by RidIch or some other ich med, followed by salt.
  5. Shine Well Known Member Member

    If by 'dying off' you mean that the fish have less white spots on them; it hasn't been killed yet. Its just going into the next stage of its life cycle. A 'cyst' stage, and then it multiplies and goes into the free-swimming larval stage. The larval stage is the one where you can kill it off with heat. I don't know the exact temps you need, but I've heard 82 to 86 depending on the author...

    When it is on the fish, you can't kill it. So you reaaaally need to irradicate it before the larval stage is complete and it finds a host again.
  6. sirdarksol Fishlore Legend Member

    Completely agreed that whatever treatment is being used has to be continued for the next two weeks (the life cycle). It can die on the fish, actually, depending on how it is being treated for. Each stage is resistant to different things, however. The important thing is to choose a method of dealing with it and sticking to that method for two weeks.

    I'm not 100% positive on the 82.5 thing, but I know that several members here have turned their heat up to 83 degrees and increased water changes. With no other treatment, the ich has been cured, with no recurrence a month later.
  7. funkman262 Well Known Member Member

    I recall reading when I had an outbreak that it stops reproducing at 85 and is killed at 86. I set my heater to 86 and it was all gone within 3 days.
  8. BennyB Valued Member Member

    Well see, I never thought it was out of control. I just saw a few fish scraping on rocks and such. Perhaps if I bought another heater for my my betta's tank I could put 2 heaters in the tank and see if I could get over 80.
    I still can't figure out why it won't go over 80...do you guys think that if I put in some hot water and got it over 82, the heater could keep it that hot?
  9. ray_sj Valued Member Member

    Do you have the heater near some water flow, such as the filter intake? That would help make the temperature more uniform. Are you in a very cold room? Usually, heater ratings assume it will be maintaining some number of degrees above your room temperature. In any case, it sounds like you just need a better heater.

    Fish scratching by itself does not necessarily indicate ich. Something in the water may be irritating them. Possibly the salt even. Just something to consider...
  10. Shine Well Known Member Member

    Don't just pour in hot water!! The shock could kill the fish. You don't want to boil them after all... and I seriously doubt you could 'fool' the heater into maintaining a higher temp that way anyhow.
  11. Aquarist Fishlore Legend Member

    Good morning,

    If your heater has the ability to be preset to temperatures over 80, and it isn't reaching the set temperature within 2 degrees then more than likely the heater is faulty and I wouldn't use it.

    I agree with Shine, please don't add hot water to your tank :)
  12. Tigerfishy Well Known Member Member

    I treated at 86 for 2 weeks solid, got rid of it with no reoccurrence. This should work, but it has to be at 86 for the full 2 weeks just to be on the safe side. I also did 2 gravel vacs a week to get riod of any spores in the gravel, and when replacing water, make sure it is the same temp as the tank not any lower as the temp must remain as stable at 86 as poss.

    Best of luck, hope you don't lose any more fish :(