wild or captive fish ??

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    Hi I am in the middle of slowly stocking my tank (details shown )
    Presently I have 11 lemon tetras all doing well but not that good at finding the food !
    I have thirty assorted shrimp all doing well . Sadly I had 9 corydoras harbrosus wild caught which are nearly all dead .I have two left one will die and I fear the other will as well as he will be all alone . When they arrived two weeks a go they had a pink glow about them especially around the head and gill area and were not very active thats when I started to worry . I moved them all from the large tank into a hospital tank after losing three and treated them with some uni pet antibacterial (internal )
    I do not want to replace them with the same kind as I think that they are just to tiny to cope with all the stress . Can anyone advise me of a smaller member of the cory family that is hardy (not the dwarf ones ) Also should I avoid wild caught fish ? All my levels are good zero ammonia , nitrate and nitrite , ph 6.5 but I am bringing it up to 7 before adding anymore fish .
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    With freshwater fish it is very easy to avoid wild caught specimen. Wild caught fish are always going to be a risk; its the reason no one would ever guarantee a saltwater fish to live. Wild caughts are more difficult to acclimate, they may not know how to take prepared foods, and they are likely to be much more stressed about being in a small enclosed space with other fish they cannot get away from. Nearly all ornamental freshwater fish are aquacultured these days and I would recommend buying those if you have the choice between wild and captive bred.

    Also, about the cories. If you can find laser cory cats at any LFS I would recommend getting some. They are pricey but oh so cool.
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    Most of the species I have kept over the years have been wild caught or F1 o F2,(one or two generations removed from wild stock).
    As well, most them are been threatened or endangered species as well.
    By keeping them, I was doing my part to preserve the species.
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    I love my wild caught (by me!) least killifish! Wild caught fish aren't for every one though, because, as you have noticed, they can be fragile. It's mostly about getting started on the right foot :)

    Panda cories are really fun. A tad sensative, kind of pricey, but oh so aborible <3