Wierd White Bulge On Ember Tetras

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by MaGicBush, Apr 7, 2017.

  1. MaGicBush New Member Member

    So I have had my tank now for about 3 month's with my 8 Ember Tetra's, and 3 ghost shrimp(2 baby shrimps as well atm). Tonight when I went to feed them I noticed a white lump on the side of two of my Ember Tetra's. My water levels are fine, and have been the whole time I have had them. The fish are still just as active, and eating fine. I added a driftwood 2 weeks ago that I am afraid they might have rubbed or something and damaged themselves. Or could it be a disease?

    Thanks for any help!

  2. fjh Well Known Member Member

    Could you snap some pictures? That would help with diagnosis ;)

  3. MaGicBush New Member Member

    Here's a picture of one with the white spot towards the back, and at the bottom-right one with it inside it's body toward the top fin. My phone doesn't have very good quality so I apologize.

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  4. fjh Well Known Member Member

    Does it look like a blister or salt? Does it look like it's a part of the fish?

    So 3 fish have white bumps?
    Could you check your water parameters?
  5. MaGicBush New Member Member

    I guess like a blister maybe fungus? But if you look at the picture theres a red thick wormish look inside its body, with the white protuding out at the end. It also now seems to be on all of them in various spots except 2. The worst one is starting to act slow and i think may die soon. Checked my water paramaters and all amonia, nitrite, and nitrate are at 0. I went ahead and did a water change also today. It seems like i need medicine maybe?
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  6. MaGicBush New Member Member

    So an update I went to the pet store and showed the guy a picture, and he said it was probably a form of ich. Though I kind of doubt that diagnosis, as all the pictures I see of ich are tiny white salt looking spots all over the fish. This is just like lumps of white sticking out of the fish, and on some it's inside the body. I was thinking a bacterial infection maybe. Since one looks like its close to death, and another is looking bad he suggested not to use medicine since it can stress them out more. He also suggested to not feed them for 3 days, and that a few would probably die. I went ahead and added some aquarium salt to try and relieve some stress(only a tsp, and it's a 10g I don't want to add much because I have a lot of live plants). Is there no way to save them? I have 8 Ember Tetra's, and they are hard to find in my area. I have been looking for more as I want 10 total. My local pet stores don't carry them very often unfortunately.

    Please help and thanks !
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  7. fjh Well Known Member Member

    Soo..... few things...
    1) if it looks like a blister, then it's not ich
    2) if ammonia nitrite and nitrate are all at 0 then your tank isn't cycled, or you lost your cycle
    3) based on the description and what I can see of the picture, I would guess internal parasites. It could be bacterial, hard to tell without an autopsy (if one dies, don't throw away the body... it could help us cure the other ones)
    4) fasting for a day/feeding a pea is probably good. I wouldn't do it for 3 days though.
    5)as a side note, you could always order fish online if you want more tetras
  8. MaGicBush New Member Member

    How should I treat the parasites? Should I add some medicine?

    On another note I have always shown 0 nitrates in my tank for the last 3 months. I even went through a 3 week fishless cycle before i added the fish. I have always thought this was odd since everything i have read said it should show some nitrates. I assume its because i have a lot of plants in my 10g tank. They cover most of it.

    I have thought about ordering fish online, but it seems wierd. What is a trusted site I could use? And wouldnt the shipping be very hard on a fish? I used to work at ups, and they toss fragile packages around as well.
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  9. Redshark1 Fishlore VIP Member

    Nitrates are kept low in my heavily planted tank. It has measured 0 but is currently 5ppm.

    I wouldn't order fish online either.

    I'm not sure what the disease is at this range, but columnaris is the usual one said to affect the internal muscle. Accurate diagnosis requires painstaking laboratory work though.

    My approach to this disease is limited to providing the best conditions possible in the hope that the fishes immune system fights it off. I've only encountered disease twice.
  10. MaGicBush New Member Member

    So one of my fish died. Well i put it out of its misery, as it was floating upside down at the bottom of my tank grasping for breath after work yesterday. I went to a local pet store, and he thinks its bacteria from a wound. I added driftwood two weeks ago, and it does have some splinters sticking out i didnt think about fixing, and the fish probably ran into it. Its stuck to the initial 3 infected, and my others seem healthy. A second one has now developed a kind crooked looking spine when it swims so i think it might be fish tuberculosis. Or could it still be the Columnaris? Its looking like it will die probably as well. The white spot did just open in the last hour I noticed and is red and white now(bleeding a bit). They eat fine and freak out like they normally do, as I went ahead and fed them some blood worms yesterday and only fasted for a day. They keep swimming around like they normally do until the last one was as I found it.

    I tried to get a better picture of the third one(it is the bottom-right one in the picture above you barely see) to show the white spot by its top fin, but its so active my camera wont focus. I now see a lot of little white spots in a grouping on this one, but no red or deformity. This has been in the span of 4-5 days so maybe it's not tb? I went back to the pet store as was recommended by the previous employee since they have a "biology degree major fish guy(and he does seem very knowledgeable)" said not to treat it as i dont want to add antibiotics to the tank and kill the good bacteria or it will have to cycle again, but suggested setting up a quarantine tank. I cant do that though, as for one I dont have the money, and two I dont want to keep two tanks. I guess i just have to wait and hope. Thanks for the replies so far!

    *edit* so everything im reading about Fish TB says i need to kill my fish and sterilize my tank with bleach. And that humans can get it. Which worries me since i cleaned the tank 2 days ago and siphoned the water with my mouth, and tonight I changed a paper towel that gets water on it and have a open wound on my hand from work.

    *edit 2* So I just came back to this thread and read it, and realized I messed up this post pretty bad. I fixed it though. A few days ago I was using my phone and was pretty distracted with something else.
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  11. MaGicBush New Member Member

    So anyone have any idea how fish tb acts? Will it eventually spread to other fish if it's that, or would it just stick to fish that are injured? I am hoping that is not what this is.

    As an update to my surprise the other two fish seem the same still. After the fish with the tail wound opened it clotted back up and seems fine again for now. The one with the white spots by it's top fin and little blob inside it's body is still very active, but looks the same. Hopefully they heal up and it works out.
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  12. MaGicBush New Member Member

    Well anyways I will post an update hopefully someone might reply :p. It seems like it's probably not fish TB thankfully, as the one with the big bulge has healed almost completely now. It was touch and go for a bit, and I thought it was going to die but he seems to have pulled through! I only lost one so far. My other that was infected now however has developed a second white spot by its tail. It's still acting normally and eats, but it doesn't look very healthy and is very small compared to my other fish.

    I added a updated picture of the one with the two white spots by it's top fin, and back by its tail both on the top part of it's body. I don't think it's fungus as it doesn't look fuzzy, and it's inside the fishes body with bits sticking out.

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