wierd looking swordtail

  1. j

    joe Valued Member Member

    I just got 3 new swordtails, one is yellowish orangish and the other two are red. I asked the lady for 1 male and 2 females. But when i got them home my yellowish orangish female had a tiny sword on the end. Is it a she-man? I was wondering if this is possible but its size looks like its a female. Can anyone help me here? ???
  2. f

    fletch Valued Member Member

    Look at its anal fin. Does it look like a normal fin or is it more like a tube. If its a tube its a male
  3. J

    Jason Well Known Member Member

    Yeah female swordtails can change from females to males. They devlop a gonopodium and grow a sword. The sword though won't be as long as a normal males. Ive seen it happen heaps of time, can take about 4 weeks and usually occurs when there is a shortage of males. In my opinion they dont look as good because they're stilll fat and have a stubby tail. They can mate with other females after the period of time and the babies will turn out normal.