Wierd behaviour...

  1. sammyyy123 Member Member

    So I feed my fish every night, and I clean the tank once a week.

    This week, I didn't get a chance to clean the tank or even do a water change however I have checked the water and all is spot on! (Yay!)

    Today I noticed my little female ram was swimming around near the male and would scratch her belly / left side against the floor - luckily this is sand so won't hurt her.

    She hasn't seemed to have bonded with the male (from what I'm reading), and they were added at different times but this is the first I've ever seen her do this. I've had him now for about 3 weeks, and her for about a week or so. I feed them a mixture of foods. Some days they'll have live tubifex, other days prima and flakes, and some days the tetra colour pro. I make sure I am not over feeding them. I have looked and there are no signs of white spot anywhere at all in my tank with the other 'residents', and as far as I can see there are no parasites. Has anyone got any advice, ideas, or knows what's going on?? Also any advice or info about pairing would be brilliant so I know if they're getting on well, likely to pair, or help their chances :) I don't necessarily want them to breed, just want them to be happy (I know it's silly hehe) Thank you in advance!

    I have also just noticed them spending the last 5-10 minutes cleaning off the top of a rock which I managed to record if this'll help anything? :)
  2. Fishoholic23 Well Known Member Member

    Of they are cleaning off a rock it could mean that they are about to spawn! I want to see this video.
  3. sammyyy123 Member Member


    This is the video - sorry for the bad quality! I have another video too?

    Please lemme know if this works :)
  4. sammyyy123 Member Member


    Again sorry about the bad quality! Just realised the first video doesn't show them so well :)

    Thank you for your help!!!
  5. Fishoholic23 Well Known Member Member

    Hmmm. Only one of them is cleaning it off? From what I see normally both do. And they follow each other around the tank more when they are paired.
  6. sammyyy123 Member Member

    They are both doing it and do follow each other around but not masses :)
  7. Fishoholic23 Well Known Member Member

    Ok. Just watxh for them spawning and fry/ egs. I know Old Shool Fish Guy has some videos in YouTube of Rams spawning and cleaning rocks.
  8. sammyyy123 Member Member

    Awesome! Thank you for your help! I'll be keeping an eye on them anyway :)