Why Though? (molly Fish Courting My Tetras!) Help!


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Okay, I know what you're thinking. And no, this is not a joke. I'm not some newbie freaking out about if tetras and mollies can have babies, I know they can't. I'm so confused and can't find anything online about my male molly's strange behaviors with my tetras!!

My 29gal tank has been up and running for about three months. Fully cycled, planted tank. Stocking link here.
My only male molly (in a group of two females) has bred with the ladies- I see them going at it and they've all given birth. No, none of the babies survived- I'm not ready for that many fish.
I also have a school of five black skirt tetras. They're very fun to watch- feisty and silly little ones, but in the past month, after the molly girls were pregnant... my male molly is trying to MATE with ALL OF MY BLACK SKIRTS???
I've seen him mating with other mollies before and it's exactly the same! He smells their butts, chases them around, and tries to turn them over. He sticks his gonopodium out and wiggles around like a little perv.
The skirts are just weirded out by this and because they can swim faster than him they just swim away.
Needless to say, I am so confused. He's only doing this to the skirts, all of the skirts, and it's like he doesn't even play around in the tank anymore, he just chases the tetras around with his dick out? He doesn't try to nip fins, etc, so I'm pretty sure it's not aggression.

I HAVE read about male molly fish mating with other males in order to seem more attractive to females... but... his females in the tank are already a few weeks pregnant. He shows no interest in them. He just hunts down my poor black skirts and tries to get in their pants?

He only does this to the black skirts. Bonus- I introduced a small male platy to the group, and they all get along fine. I didn't want to get a platy at first but the store found him stowing away in the black molly tank, and he was a bizarre color, so they gave him to me for free.
Said platy was introduced after the male molly's sex craze week- after the females gave birth and were ready to go again, he was an absolute jerk. Then the platy came. Then he's trying to screw the tetras.

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