Why spiders don't stick to their own webs.

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    I don't dare to open that link... Nice one though, I've always wondered :/
  3. OP

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    Aw come on, links don't bite or hide under your bed, or land on your head when you walk under a tree, bwhahahahaha.

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    Pretty cool link. Thanks!
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    That was pretty interesting, another mystery solved.
  6. psalm18.2

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    Nice that they proved it. Imagine working on that project.
    When my phone is fixed, I'll show a great photo I took.
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    That's awesome! :)
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    why i dont stick to walls
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    Geez, woman!

    Dino, I have a few questions for you.
    What did the mayans think will happen on 21st December? And for such an advanced race, why did they let water pollution be their undoing?

    Who really killed the canonical 5 in whitechapel, 1888?

    And lastly, where is my son's shoe?

    Thanks for your help. :;smack
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    KILL THE BLOODY 8LEGGED DEVILS!!!!!!! *hammar throws everythingzen's sons shoe at the spider* Akari- you are dead to me =_=
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    Anna, the European and Mayan calendars were not matched correctly, it happened 7 months ago.

    As for their demise, is it any different than what most first world countries are doing to themselves today?

    As for the 5, I am afraid it was a rouge alien. It was taken care of.

    As for the shoe, someone took it to throw at a spider.
  15. E

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    Very awesome. I thought they tiptoed around the sticky parts.

    Always gotta facepalm at the Mayan "end of world" thingy. Clearly nothing to worry about, but I'm sure some people will still end up going mad and killing others/themselves somwhere over it, because people are silly.
  16. l

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    Spider sittin on the wall acting like he pays rent.

    As for 2012 just an excuse to go on a nice vacation or buy a really big tank
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    you guys remember y2k? lol
  18. Wendy Lubianetsky

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    You know I never really thought about why spiders don't stick. I guess it is one of those things I just took for granted. Thank you for the article, now I know.:;hf
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    I remember Y2K. second time I had to go to my school's equivalent of detention (I think it was 1998 or something, anyway, I was around 12) was when i made a girl cry by telling her she was a blithering idiot (my exact words, it says it on my school record) for believing the world was going to end just because of a certain date.

    Also, Akari, You SUCK! Spiders are super cool and awesome, but they scare the gee-wilakers out of me. my room mate in college and i had an epic battle with a spider on the front door, which culminated in my throwing him a bunch of stuff out the window so he could get it the spider away from the door and run inside. we then hid in terror, and slammed all the windows shut.
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    I remember Y2K and the other end of the worlds since 2000.... Us 90's kids have survived a lot! Good thing they never canceled Pokemon, or we all would have died :;nin2

    No body appreciates my picture D=

    :giggle: I'd have loved to see that, wisecrackerz XD