Why oh why?

Discussion in 'More Freshwater Aquarium Topics' started by ZombieKeepr, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. ZombieKeeprWell Known MemberMember

    Sooo ...

    I'm falling back into old habits and I don't like it. Early 2012 saw me with 16 aquariums. I downsized when I started working just because it made my life easier[well, more manageable. nothing is ever easy when you own an aquarium cuz you're always worried Dx ] and now I'm back up to 7 from 6.

    I'm really happy with what I have[my sig] but I kinda wanna randomly add more in over time.

    Like my 5.5gal is calling out my name. After all, it has a light/lid & filter sooo ... xD From that, there's the 2 10gals that could use some purpose[so many options for lights/lids just no suitable filters], & as a real tank idea, I'm planning to have a 72gal bowfront with an antennata lionfish, snowflake eel, & violet goby.

    WHY?! I'm broke again and TBH, I'm not in the right health to even have what I have.
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  2. AquaristFishlore LegendMember

    Get well soon! Perhaps you should see a Doctor if you haven't already done so.

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  3. EthanWell Known MemberMember

    zombie we are here tonight because we are your friends... and this addiction is ruining your life.. we just want to see you succeed in fighting this addiction. so please get better and whenever you have the urge to set up a new tank just ask yourself what would jesus do :eek:
  4. Orion5Well Known MemberMember

    I know what you mean... It's like a shopping addiction in a way.

    I had a bit of that, and ended up keeping two aquariums and giving everything else away to my local aquarium club, which made very good use of all of it in their raffles. Some of the stuff I won back because I'm a member... lol!

    It's really just a question of setting your limits and finding something else to do with your time. I transitioned to collecting books instead and trying to design new equipment, or come up with new ideas. Maybe you could offer your services to set up tanks for other people to help with your "addiction." :)

    All the best, and good luck! Oh,and please do visit a doctor like aquarist said. :)
  5. ZiggiWell Known MemberMember

    I make lists, mental or physical, with pros/cons of the situation. Find a way to make the cons outweigh the pros and use that to stop yourself from buying/setting up the tank! Thats what I do. Now I'm only buying a tank if I'm taking one down AND it's on sale/a deal! That along with the current living situation, helps curb/control my MTS! I'd love nothing more than to get a larger tank :) But I know I shouldn't for entirely more reasons than why I want to!

    Good luck, Feel better and fight the MTS!!!!
  6. soarlValued MemberMember

    I'm sorry but I know what your going through. My problem is threatening to ruin my marriage and I don't know if I can keep it under control!
  7. ZombieKeeprWell Known MemberMember

    Ken, I've been to a couple of different doctors and to the ER about 5 times within the last 7 months or so. Unfortunately, they haven't found anything new, but it's not getting any better. New symptoms just will pop up and have to get ignored because they've decided they can't really do anything more for me.

    Orion5, It *IS* isn't it? I have a bit of a problem with buying technology when I can so fish and tech are like my 2 addictions that constantly have more money thrown at them. xD Regardless, I really am happy with everything.

    Ziggi: I do the exact same thing with lists. I have 10 million written if I plan to set up a new tank. Where it'd go, the work involved in setting it up, etc but almost every time, I can justify it. It's slightly entertaining.

    soarl: Don't be sorry! I hate that, tho. I used to have that problem but luckily, my current GF is HEAVILY into fish and has already stated that if I need something done on the tanks and I can't do it, she'd help or take it over even if I didn't want help. It's REALLY nice to have someone support your addiction but it does have it's own issues *cough*violet goby*cough*. xD
  8. FashoogaFishlore VIPMember

    Take care of yourself first, the rest will take care of it self.

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