Why No Infusoria In Normal Aquariums?

Discussion in 'Freshwater Invertebrates' started by Homeslice, May 29, 2019.

  1. Homeslice

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    So, I was reading up on growing infusoria for small fish fry. Basically, I think you take some water from an existing aquarium, add some algae wafers or some cooked/blanched veggies, a bacterial bloom will soon happen, making the water cloudy, then a bit later the water will clear as the organisms that are referred to generally as infusoria eat the bacteria.

    So, my question is, why don't these organisms grow in pretty much any aquarium where you have something like snails, shrimp and what not that you are feeding algae wafers or veggies?

  2. kmbeck

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    They do, but they're much more concentrated in the culture that you make.
  3. PascalKrypt

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    Actually they totally do. In fact, if you get a few live plants in your aquarium you will likely get all sorts of microscopic life going on. I have heard of at least 2 fishkeepers who keep nano fish species in larger tanks and never feed them, instead dropping in some detritus for the micro-life to feed on which the fish in turn eat. So yes, you can totally have a good culture growing in a 'normal' aquarium under the right conditions.
  4. david1978

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    Its funny actually why we dont. The simple answer is we typically keep our tanks too clean for them.
  5. smee82

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    Its surprising what you can find in your tank, not just infusoria. A sign of a healthy tank its little critters you didn't add making it home.
  6. PascalKrypt

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    In all seriousness, when I got back into the aquarium hobby I did something - on someone else's advice - that some aquarium keepers would no doubt find horrific. I went to the local pond, filled a bottle near the bottom and tossed it in my new set-up. Even since then I've had a healthy population of seed shrimp and daphnia going in my 7 gal nano, populated months later by asian stone catfish. The catfish don't really seem to require my once-a-week additional feeding tbh. On the other hand though, the tank also contains things people probably would not want in their tanks, and I'm very careful with cross-contamination of these less welcome guests into my other tanks.
  7. OP

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    Thanks everyone. So am I supposed to be able to see any of the infusoria critters with the naked idea? Because I have snail tank that I put tons of veggies and algae wafers in. The water is very clear, but there is always a good bit of "muck" on the bottom from the veggie parts they don't finish off. And there are no fish in the tank. So I would guess my tank should have a good bit. But no indication of any so far as I can tell.