Why is she rolling around the tank

Lady Monster

We have had these molly for 6 months and they have been healthy until tonight, I fed them as usual and 30 mins later I sit down and look at the tank to see one of them rolling all over the place.

I put her in a breeder net so she wouldn't hurt herself. Please help me figure it out

I would like to add, my tank is not neglected. The water isn't dirty. Its tinted from driftwood tannins. I do between 10 and 50% weekly water changes. And the fill line is lowered to create surface agitation from the filter.


SwI'm bladder disorder, probably from bloat. Fast her for 3 days then feed a deshelled, thawed pea.

What kind of food are you feeding and how much/often?
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Lady Monster

I agree! Her swimming is no longer erratic and she is not upside down, but still a little sideways. They eat tropical flakes, shrimp pellets they steal from the cory, and algae wafers they steal from the mystery snail. Occasionally they get spinach jello because they steal that from the snails also lol. And monthly I give everyone shelled pea.

Last week my toddler poured flakes in. I removed what was left when I saw it and did 50% water change. I have a feeling she gorged herself because all 3 molly eat like pigs!

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