Why Is My Snail Always At The Top?

  1. Piggy50 Initiate Member

  2. PraptiPanda Member Member

  3. James17 Well Known Member Member

    Snails do that sometimes, mine will hang out up there for a few days and then go back down.
  4. Piggy50 Initiate Member

    Yes, and unfortunately I don't have my water parameters.
  5. PraptiPanda Member Member

    Nerites do that? My apples are almost always at the top, but never heard of Nerites doing that.
  6. Piggy50 Initiate Member

    Mine does it all the time. It seems like he moves around a lot in the tank and then comes up to restart the top.
  7. clk89 Fishlore VIP Member

    Some snails do like to climb to the top, but if they constantly stay up top it can be a sign of bad water quality.