Why is my L.F. Danio acting like this?? Question

  1. Robin4 Member Member

    Hello Everyone,

    I don't believe she has a disease but I didn't know where else to put this thread. In my 20 gal, one of my L.F. Danios is acting weird... All other Danios are acting fine.

    However, she looks, eats, and swims normal. What she is doing is staying near the gravel on the tank bottom and floating at an angle while facing up and she will let herself just sink in the water until her back fin touches the gravel. She then moves her fins a bit to get her body up to the same spot above the gravel where she starting "sinking".

    When other fish (Danios) get near her, she sometimes chases them or ignores them...

    What in the world is she doing ??? Any ideas?

  2. platy ben Well Known Member Member

    She may have 'lost her balance' fish sometimes do this and it often, sadly results in death :(

  3. Robin4 Member Member

    Hi platy ben,

    Oh dear.... She is so beautiful, I would hate for her to die!!! She is probably 2 yrs old now. How can she loose her balance and the all of a sudden break into a strong swim and chase other fish?

    Thanks for the insight. I will keep an eye on her.
  4. platy ben Well Known Member Member

    It is caused by a problem in the swim bladder, which keeps her balanced, if there is a problem she will become weak however the fish still has the energy to let out short bursts when it feels threatened, sorry to here she is not doing well :(

  5. Robin4 Member Member

    Oh I see.... thanks. Is she suffering with this "inbalance" ???
  6. platy ben Well Known Member Member

    At the moment she doesn't sound too bad however if it continues to get worse (which is likely:() she will lose her ability to swim properly and maybe start tipping over, swimming in circles, this is when she is suffering :(
  7. Robin4 Member Member

    Oh gosh - ok, thank you

    What causes this? Is it because she is "old" ???

  8. platy ben Well Known Member Member

    It may be because she is getting old but the main reason fish get swim bladder problems is contsipation, if I were you I would try and feed her some small bits of pea :)

    Is her poop normal or white and stringy?
  9. Robin4 Member Member

    I haven't seen any white or stringy poo. I do not have a quaranteen tank. Can I put her in a large tupperware container and feed her the pea? That way I can be sure she gets it.

    I do have frozen peas (for my cherry shrimp); that will be ok won't it?

  10. platy ben Well Known Member Member

    I wouldnt advise moving her as this may make her worse. If it were me I would just cut up a frozen pea quite small and put it in and see if she gets any.

    I really hope she pulls through :)

  11. Robin4 Member Member

    Oh boy - I can imagine a frenzy for the pea with all the other fish in the tank! How can I be sure that she will get any of the pea??? How often do I feed the pea?

    Thank you.... :)
  12. platy ben Well Known Member Member

    Well lets just hope she joins the frenzy :)
    With a lot of fish in a tank you cannot be sure if she will get some. I would try and get her to eat 1 small piece of pea a day for about 3 days and see what her poop is like. Just to warn you the pea doesn't always work, some of the members might no other ways to cure this but I only know of the pea method.
  13. Robin4 Member Member

    Ok, thanks platy ben!! I do appreciate it :)
  14. platy ben Well Known Member Member

    Try feeding a pea at sometime and just leave a message on my profile saying how it goes :)
    Hope it works out for you and your danio :)
  15. Robin4 Member Member

    Thanks! I'll let you know. You've been very helpful :)