why does my cory keep wakin me up!!!!!!!

  1. Craig Well Known Member Member

    hi guys and girls this is not a funny topic!! lol o k so it is!! 1 of my cory cats keeps wakin me up in the middle of the night i dont know if hes sick or just gettin loads of air!! but with my panda cories they just fly up and hit the surface get air and come bak down my peppered cory hangs at the top of my tank only at night when its dark and the lights r off and slurps 4 air at the top!!!! all i hear is the water poppin!!! POP POP POP POP POP POP POP POP POP!! (him puttin his mouth in and out of the water surface) constant 4 a long period of time!! when i turn my bedside light on he flies bak down!! any ideas??? why is he doin this is he sick gaspin 4 air?? hes really active other from at night when he does that!!

    please help lol C W
  2. Gunnie Well Known Member Member

    He might be gasping for air. Do you use CO2 in your tank? The oxygen level goes down in the tank if you are using CO2 in your tank with plants. Plants breath CO2 during the day and oxygen at night.

  3. Butterfly Moderator Moderator Member

    Tell us a little about your tank. This will help us help you ;) Size, water parameters, tank occupants, co2? Are all the occupants at the surface frequently or just the one cory.
  4. Craig Well Known Member Member

    i dont hav any plants! i dont use CO2!

    its just 1 cory at night that is at the surface

    i hav 2 guppies 1 dwarf red fire gourami 1 bristlenose suckerfish 2 rainbow neons 1 platy fry and 5 corys (2 pandas 3 peppered) size of my tank 17 gallons about 63 litres dont know the water perameters at the mo cause havent got the test kit but the pH is fine 6.8-7

    tired C W!!! lol

  5. Craig Well Known Member Member

    my m8 says hes cleanin his gills but the others dont do it!! hes started it again right now!! only when the light goes off and its dark he doesnt do it durin the day! ??? ???
  6. Butterfly Moderator Moderator Member

    maybe he's afraid of the darkĀ  ;D just kidding! I really don't know all of mine make runs to the surface but they don't stay there. I have 8 in a 29 Gal. 2 pandas, 2 albino aeneus andĀ  4 green aeneus corys. Is anythig floating on the surface he might be trying to catch? When corys go to the surface for air on the way down they usually expel a tiny bubble of air. Does he do that?

  7. Craig Well Known Member Member

    there is nothin on the surface he goes up 2 the same place every time! i do notice them expellin a bubble on the way down just wish he wouldnt b so loud!!!!

  8. Butterfly Moderator Moderator Member

    Corys have the ability to go to the surface and take a breath of air, then it travels through the intestinal track where some of it is absorbed and the rest travels on out the anus. Thus the little bubble you see expelled. Maybe for some reason the bottom layer of water doesn't have enough oxygen for him at night. Try stirring the water really good(bottom to top) with your hand before you turn the lights out tonight. Worth a shot and just a thought.
  9. Craig Well Known Member Member

    yeah good idea cheers carol!
  10. Durbkat Member Member

    I just got some emerald cories and they don't wake me up because they seem to stay at the bottom. But when they were in the bag on the way they went to the top and and as they went back down they made a bubble. But the problem is the small one I think is a male and the other 2 are females but the male is smaller and the females chase him around is this normal?

  11. Butterfly Moderator Moderator Member

    Yeah their just playing, I have 10 of various kinds in a 29 G and they constantly chase from one end of the tank to the other.
  12. Jason Well Known Member Member

    Must be pretty loud, amazing for such a little fish. How close is the tank to your bed? :D
  13. Craig Well Known Member Member

    about 2 metres away from where i sleep or not even 2 metres
  14. Durbkat Member Member

    But the bad thing about the females chasing the male is that the females chase him away from the food and they are big and fat and he is small and skinny. Will this stop before he dies of starvation? And he seems to hide alot but the other females come out and scavenge for food. I really worried about this male with him being so skinny.
  15. Butterfly Moderator Moderator Member

    Males are naturally much slimer than the females. corys tend to scavenge all the time, but if you think he's hungry try dropping food at opposite ends of the tank.
  16. Durbkat Member Member

    Never mind I found out he has gill lukes and he will be returned today to my lps.
  17. Butterfly Moderator Moderator Member

    I'm so sorry!!! How did you find out he had gill flukes?
  18. Durbkat Member Member

    His gills were red. he never moved, he didn't eat, he was breathing rapidley. So I return him and from what he said it sound like they weren't going to try and treat him they were just going to flush him.
  19. Craig Well Known Member Member

    boys a dear!!!!!!!
  20. Durbkat Member Member

    Craig what does boys a dear mean?