why does bacteria especially grow in filters?

  1. fbn

    fbn Well Known Member Member

    I am very curious to know haha. The amount of questions I ask on here, you would think I don't know anything about fish :) Thanks!
  2. eiginh

    eiginh Well Known Member Member

    I would think that's where most of the water flows through.
  3. OP

    fbn Well Known Member Member

    You mean bacteria lives in the filter, because of the flow of the water??
  4. Shawnie

    Shawnie Fishlore Legend Member

    its the place that gets the most oxygen and flow of constant water...and the filter media is very easy to attach to so its where the main bacteria builds its colony..at least thats what i was told over many years ago lol
  5. mathas

    mathas Well Known Member Member

    Bacteria will colonize on just any surface it has available, and the more porous, the better, since that means more surface area at the microscopic level.

    Filter media is intentionally designed to maximize surface area, and is placed in an area rich in oxygen, which makes it an ideal spot for colonies to grow.
  6. OP

    fbn Well Known Member Member

    Thanks!! Very clear definitions!
  7. metal_fish

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    I love filters and how they work etc almost as much as my fish j/k
  8. e

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    Very good answer!