Why Do You Keep Fish?

What interests you about fish keeping?

  • Having a nice thing to look at

    Votes: 44 63.8%
  • The unique behaviour of the fish

    Votes: 52 75.4%
  • Aquascaping

    Votes: 26 37.7%
  • Breeding

    Votes: 17 24.6%

  • Total voters
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I am curious to know the things that interest you in the fish keeping hobby. I remember when I started I just wanted something nice in my room but now I am way more interested in the unique behaviours of the fish and breeding and raising them.

So what interests you about the hobby?

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I love the peacefulness (minus the noisy air pump) the way they just plod around doing their own little things acting like noones watching.

The way we have freedom over the tanks, fish are versatile in the way they will have the tank however and make it theirs. So we can plan and plot the tank and then create it and the fish 9/10 times will be fine with it!

The fascination with breeding.... Why do they get those colours? And who's the dad? (this is what happens with my guppies all the time! )

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I like learning to care for the different fish and working to meet their needs so that they are at their most beautiful.

I like to watch them interact with each other and with the environment.

I enjoy setting up the tanks so that they are appealing to me and to the fish.

I do find pleasure when my fish breed. To me, it feels like I've done something right if the fish are willing to reproduce.
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Peace of mind .

Claire Bear
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Also they are educational for my grandson-he is three, soon to be four. How many three year olds do you know that know what an axolotl is and can say the word!
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I am mainly in it for the water changes, getting to watch the fish interacting in a semI natural, albeit miniaturised, environment is definitely a bonus though.


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First I just like watching the fish. Second it is the building and maintaining of an ecosystem. I get to put on my chemistry, biology, engineer, as well as several other hats to make sure everything is working in harmony. That and there is so much to learn and I like doing the research.
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For therapy. Nothing calms me like my water babies
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Because I love under water gardening ☺, then I discovered how awesome the behavior is. Later fell in love with bigger fish like the Oscar but my floor won't support a tank that can hold at least two of them. Choose the Blood Parrots instead so my under water garden is history hehe.
Just love watching them and try to max out plant growth in their tank - quite a challenge sometimes.
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They are living art and are an ever changing exhibition. Oh, yeah, Endler's are performance artists with a sense of humor


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They are living art and are an ever changing exhibition. Oh, yeah, Endler's are performance artists with a sense of humor
I like the words you choose: live art / ever changing exhibition. That is how I experience my fish tank.
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Calming, soothing, stress reliever, relaxing. That is why I keep aquariums!
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"Why Do You Keep Fish?"

Plenty of days I ask myself that question.
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To learn more. I love animals in all shapes and sizes, and I love to find something new and to do the research. I love being able to have all this knowledge in my head, and then when people ask me I'm able to help them out and spread my knowledge.

Also I love making the aquarium how I want it, like it was already said, we have complete control over them and we have to make them the happiest we can.

I also think a natural looking tank looks gorgeous in any room so they are nice to look at.



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I chose all of thee above because there are millions of reasons to keep fish! they are fun loyal couragous personable family members and I can't imagine my life without them!
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I checked all of them. lol
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I keep fish, because I love to raise animals and to care for them!
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I just love to love to be honest. If someone asked me what my hobby was I'd say loving life. Nothing brings me greater joy than to take care of another life be it a fish, plant, or dog.

Fish in general I love to watch them grow and exhibit their natural behavior. Who needs TV when you have a fish tank?

Not to mention the health benefits. Watching an aquarium relaxes you and lowers blood pressure. In studies they found watching a fish tank in the waiting room of a dentist's office made people need less pain medication and it was shown to be just as effective calming people for their appointments as hypnosis. So basically fish hypnotize us all into having MTS!



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I have always been absolutely fascinated with the ocean. I also grew up in complete awe over a family friends 100+ salt water tank(he works in the ocean. He's been to the titanic!) Also, in a world where it seems like everything is about killing, I like to be able to create(except during hunting season...oops)
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I have a bad case of MTS... Too bad there's no more room!
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I have a pretty simple answer...

They make my 8 year old daughter smile!
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Keeping fish releases stress out of me...(except the water changes)
I like having some pretty fish then breeding them and having more



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Keeping fish helps me relieve stress and manage depression, and I was always fascinated with fish, since I was little
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They are so relaxing to watch.

There's just something really nice about working to put together this little ecological habitat and then watching your fishy friends enjoy living in it.
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Now if only those 'prehistoric' bony fish were still around...... besides the coelecanth.
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Why do I keep fish? Because my cousin gave me my very first goldfish at a fair when I was 2 and now, I can't be without fish. Thanks, cuz -.-

Actually, I love watching fish. When I have a bad day, I can easily lose time by watching the tank. There's something about fish that seems calming. I love my fishies



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The "hobby" is great for me. I get so much more than the fish, it calms me and relaxes my stress. My mind can drift and slow down. I love the needed research and learning sometimes useless stuff, but learning. My wife also enjoys it so its also a shared pass time.

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I am just trying to find something to do and take care of. Something without too much stress since I suddenly lost my husband a year ago. They now need me. And I need them. They are therapeutic.
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I love being able to recreate the habitat. I like to think I scooped up a 20 gallon section of nature and brought it home. Marine biology has always been a big part of my life. Going from practicing conservation in the wild to maintaining a tank at home makes me understand how fragile marine life can be. It brings home the importance of conservation.
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MTS that is why


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1) only way I can keep plants
2) only pets I can have in apartments 2.5) roommates love them
3) great stress reliever
4) decorative
5) gives me something to do
6) MTS
7) entertaining
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I keep fish because: a) it's a great stress reliever; b) I have something to do when I'm bored; c) it adds to the beauty of our living room; d) I have something to look forward to whenever I get home from school; e) I sell some of my pet fishes and earn some cash to buy more fishes! Haha!; and f) I have many more reasons!!!

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I started keeping fish after witnessing 9 fancy gold fish kept in inhumane condition in a 10 gallon tank. That moved me so much that I said to myself I want to give one fish a good life and make sure it is not mistreated. I learn about fish tanks and read a lot, and got my first 5 gallon and a betta fish. Now I have more than one fish, of course, I got the MTS.

Fish tanks are also pretty and calming and my kids like it and one of my cat is very interested in the fish. So it's funny.
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I like fish.


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I love animals, and besides the dog, fishes are the next to mt favorite animals. They re colorful!

-Cacret, proud owner of a happy and peaceful betta.
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I have sleep problems and they help me sleep. =) I also love animals and gardening.
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1) A good friend of mine has two 125g and I've spent evenings drinking beer and watching them

2) It's a good coping skill for me to help deal with my anxiety as it both gives me something to do when I'm at home and helps me to relax

3) Can't get a dog at the moment because of where I live and how I don't have a stable work schedule
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I've only just recently started in the hobby due to my son wanting his own fish tank. I like that you will never know everything there is to know so it's a constant learning experience and it's something I get to share with my little one



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At first I thought it would be cool to keep some cool looking fish. But because I hafta take everything to the extreme as my first tank was getting set up. I did none stop research. Soon I was obsessed with creating a working ecosystem. Now it's more than keeping fish. It's keeping an underwater world. I don't just keep fish I want them to thrive. How you can go to a store pick up some fish that never seen each other but instinctively have there own place in the same tank is very fascinating to me. But I'm also enjoying a break from it as both my tanks are down from a move.
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There's something inherently relaxing about looking at a tank and seeing fishes swimming and playing in there, completely carefree. It also gives you a sense of responsibility that come with pet keeping in general. Finally, just as the anime KatanagatarI says, "if someone has something to protect, he/she is strong".

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