Why do some people even bother putting up a fish tank ?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by HOWsMom, Mar 22, 2010.

  1. HOWsMom

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    This is posted on a parenting board I'm on . . . (bolding mine)

  2. Butterfly

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    Must be terribly boring not interact with their fish more than that. I can't imagine it's attractive at all. Makes you wonder why they keep it at all.
  3. Tigerlily

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    Astounding isn't it? Maybe you can gently offer some advice... of course after six years healthier conditions might shock the fish so much they would die.
  4. Butterfly

    ButterflyModeratorModerator Member

    Water changes woud have to be done very slowly. A large water change would indeed Shock and possibly kill them.
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  5. thequietman44

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    A friend of mine told me about a fish bowl (about 2 gallon I think) that had a Pleco in it. The owner left for a month and when she came back the bowl was all green and murky and she figured it was dead, so she took the bowl out to her garage and left it there for a year.

    Was cleaning out the garage the next fall and thought she saw movement. Found a 6-inch Pleco flapping around in little more than muck.

    I thought I was going to be sick.
  6. Shawnie

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    unfortunately, and sadly, theres many out there that treat fish/tanks this way :(
    I hope someday, they are considered live/living animals like cats/dogs/horses etc...
  7. OP

    HOWsMomWell Known MemberMember

    I just don't understand it.

    We've got 4 tanks running right now (well, 3 going, and one cycling) - I did tank maintenance this morning - took me less than 30 minutes for all 4 tanks (water changes, algae swiping).

    Takes seconds to feed the fish.

    Takes a long time to watch them though - they're captivating. But I also like to watch and talk to my rodents, walk my dogs, pet my cat, and silly stuff like that. Oh, I also enjoy my kids. *lol* Maybe I'm just odd.
  8. Tigerlily

    TigerlilyWell Known MemberMember

    Not odd... at least no more odd than I am (although my friends might tell you that's not the most ringing of endorsements). Having respect for living creatures is a fine quality.

    I can't believe someone would leave a 2 gallon fish bowl, filled with water and what they believed was a dead fish, in their garage for a year. YUCK! Poor pleco. I hope he got a decent home after that. Talk about a survivor.
  9. FishVixen

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    Way back when a freind of mine said he had a tank in his attict that i could have. He said he had plecos in it but they all died. the tank had been up here almost 2 years. Evidentally shortly after he put it up there with the gravel still in it the roof leaked and put water in the tank and he never emptied it. Well the water was green and an eight inch pleco. must have been eggs i guessed. Unless he just threw it up there and didn't want to tell me. He grew to be almost 14" before I had to give him up. It totally amazes me that people look at fish and not see "pet"
  10. ppate1977

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    My belief is if you take an animal from it's natural habitat; it is your responsibility to provide a very hight quality of life.
  11. bolivianbaby

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    Many people think of fish as decorations.

    However, those of us who respect them as living creatures are in one way or another, making a positive impact on others. I've stopped betta bowls being used by my parents and two of my co-workers are now paying more attention to compatibility and water quality. None of it was done with confrontation. However, I was quite firm with my parents in proving my reasoning in regards to betta bowls being unhealthy. Both of my co-workers were done with just the occasional comment here and there and a few in-depth discussions that they instigated.

    Every little bit helps. We do have the power to change things, one step at a time:)
  12. Red1313

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    I'm more then happy to help people I know out with their fish but it's way easier to do when they start the conversation about it :p
  13. hooxeii

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    Sadly this sort of thing is terribly common. Fish are cheap and most people don't take the time to bond with them, so they have no problem committing what would in other animals (like dogs) be considered abuse and cause for arrest.

    Sadly most people don't give a hoot about the welfare of fish. I lecture someone about proper conditions for bettas and people think I'm in peta or something (I'm definitely NOT).
  14. LyndaB

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    Can I adopt you? :;hug2
  15. thequietman44

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    I know exactly what you mean hooxeii. Occasionally a coworker will ask me something about aquariums, and I'll respond with best practices (water changes, cycling, filtration, etc). Some other coworker will chime in, "Oh you don't need to do that. I know lots of people who only change the water when it looks yucky, and their goldfish has been alive for years! All that chemical balancing and water changing isn't really necessary."

    I usually put forth examples of individuals who have survived severe physical deprivation, torture, or devastating accidents and lived to tell about it. Just because it's possible doesn't mean it's safe, healthy, or right.