Why Do I Have Such Bad Luck With Mollies? 20 Gallon Tank

  1. I

    Ian Tankers New Member Member

    So the first fish I got for my 20gal was a black molly and a Dalmatian molly. The Dalmatian molly does 2weeks later. After this I purchased 3 platies and later I got another black molly and another Dalmatian molly(purchased the mollies 2days ago) I woke up today and the Dalmatian molly is lying on the gravel not breathing or moving. Is he alive? I feel like I have terrible luck with mollies and I am leading them to their death. Please help
  2. mattgirl

    mattgirl Well Known Member Member

    I feel your frustration. I had the same kind of bad luck with dalmatians. I purchased 3 dalmatians and 3 oranges mollies all at the same time. Lost one dalmatian within a few hours. One more within a week and the last one within a couple of weeks. All 3 orange ones are still alive and thriving. Thriving so well in fact I now have several orange babies that are growing like weeds.

    I know I was very careful with the acclimation process. My tank is cycled and well established. I too am confused as to why they died.
  3. Mazeus

    Mazeus Well Known Member Member

    Do you know your PH, KH and GH. It may be that your water is too soft for mollies.
  4. H

    Holographiccowfish New Member Member

    I have had this happen with mollys has you gravel been soaked dont feel to bad sometimes when you buy mollies and don't know how old they are and usually end up being very old and might die off other than that check your tank levels dont forget to quarantine they might have had internal parasites you never know what goes on at stores