Why did my tiger barb die?!


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temp 80
ammonia 0
nitrite 0
ph 7.3

just bought 5 moss tiger barbs and acclimated them to my tank before releasing them into there freshly cycled home. all of there colors improved and all appeared to be doing great...except one. one kind of just hung out in this cave near the heater. I noticed some damge to the caudal fin like another fish hat bit him in the LFS tank. he also appeared to have slightly rapid gill movement. he does fine for the first day but does not do much swimming, the next day I fed him after work and hes started swimming everywhere with all the other barbs, was doing great! the next morning he was dead. any ideas on what happened to him?


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Where those readings taken before or after the fish where added? Adding tomany fish to a newly cycled tank can cause a minI cycle. Otherwise it sounds like the fish was sick or stressed from the store. It is not uncommon to lose a fish or two out of a new group for this reason, that is why QTing new fish is highly recommended.

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