Why Are They Fighting?

Elijah K

I have 2 bluegill fry about 1 inch. (only for now until I get a chance to catch a couple more) and they are showing aggression and I don’t know why. But most of the time they are just swimming around together like best friends. They’re in a 125 gallon so there is plenty of space for both of them and they are both getting fed enough hI for both, so why would they be fighting? Here’s a video


You need to keep in mind those little fry live in schools. Having just a few means they are bound to fight more often. It’s the same issue with schooling species like tetras and barbs, if they’re not kept in a decent sized group they are prone to being stressed and nippy, leading to aggression.

When you catch more they should settle down some. I’d suggest you keep a half a dozen or so and upgrade when needed. The more in a school the better.


I’ve had a couple cardinal tetras that did the same thing my dad just told me they were asserting dominance over the group they’ll only do this to their own species when with other species there harmless
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