Why are my Platys dying?

Discussion in 'Platy' started by YoungClayB, Apr 5, 2012.

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    Hi Everyone. I am hoping that you all can offer some explanation as to why both of my Platys have died within the past week.

    Some quick details on my setup and stock:
    - 37 gallon tank with Penguin 200 filter
    - tank is cycled (ammonia = 0; nitrite=0; nitrate=not sure because I dont have a nitrate test kit, but I do 25% water changes every week)
    - water temp is 78 degrees F
    - 1 Rubber Lipped Pleco
    - 5 Peppered Cories
    - 5 Harlequin Rasboras

    The first platy died several days ago. It showed no signs of stress. It just sort of nestled into some fake plants and "went to sleep". I thought this was odd but chalked it up to "that sort of thing happens..fish occationally die". This morning, I noticed that my remaining platy was breathing faster than normal. She ate well last night and seemed to be really healthy..no clamped fins, no blemishes...a beautiful fish actually. The most recent platy that died gave birth to 6 fry about 3 weeks ago..fry are in a separate tank and doing well.

    About 5 days ago, I added the 5 Cories to the tank...along with an Angelfish that I returned the very next day because it "looked sick"...the Angel was swimming at a 45 degree angle and was just sort of hanging out at the top of the tank my the filter, so I returned it to PetSmart.

    All of my other fish seem to be doing really well and show no signed of stress (well, except for one of my Rasboras that sort of has a gimpy looking pectoral fin but its not affecting his behavior or eating habits at all).

    Here are a couple of pictures of my most recently deceased Platy in case there are any signs of why she died. Thanks.

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  2. escapayWell Known MemberMember

    Might have too high of nitrates or even none. I would take a sample of your fish water to LFS and see if they can do the testing. Careful about particular stores though... sometimes they use the test strips and I find some brands especially will not indicate much presence of nitrate, but the tank actually will have rather high when using API Master Kit.

    Also, the new fish you added may be sick (like the Angelfish), so whatever sickness they had that may have been contagious could have impacted your Platies. Hence them dying. I would highly recommend next time having your new fish quaratined for at least 3 weeks. ;)

    Also, the photos don't work. :confused:

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