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    Sorry for the confusion. I'll be more careful next time.

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    I would think it would be easier to get mixed up with allie sten because of her profile pic but I guess it king of looks like I'm replying.(Sacksteder kid speaking).
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    I'm curious, if NH3, NO2/O3 remained at "zero" during testing, how do you know your tank is cycled? Nitrifying bacteria needs ammonia to feed on, no ammonia, no cycle and certainly not in 2 1/2 weeks. If your cycle is in fact done, you should have seen a drop in NH3, then a spike in NO2 as ammonia oxidizing bacteria grows, which then kicks off nitrite oxidizing bacteria producing NO3. These are all signs that your BB colony is healthy and maturing. Readings of zero across the board would actually worry me, especially during the cycling process.

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    Honestly, most of what you said just went right over my head.
    I don't really know how to reply LOL other than saying "I'm working on it".
    I'm currently adding Prime every morning and I'm about to do a 25% PWC.
    My fish seem really happy & healthy right now.
    My test results continue to read all zeros and I'm additionally taking my water into Petco & PetSmart.
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    Curious, have you discovered the cause of the fish being nipped yet? I would seperate them for awhile to see if you get good results.
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    How regularly have you been checking the water parameters? I would keep in check every 3-4 days just to know what the dong is going inside of your tank.
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    Not many people know about naladixic acid, i dropped you and everyone a pretty big hint there

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    LOL! Understood. I just described the basic process of the nitrogen cycle and what you need to look for. It's the reason why test kits test for these parameters. It's the most misunderstood aspect of fish keeping and is what keeps big box pet stores in business ;). Again, with fish already in the tank, and your tank isn't heavily planted and showing GROWTH, readings of "zero" across the board would worry me. At the very least, you SHOULD be getting some kind of reading of Nitrate if your tank is fully cycled, (unless you are doing 100% WC daily).
    Learn about the Nitrogen cycle, focus on the growth and care of your beneficial bacteria colony, your fish will thank you.
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    Ammonia burns gills
    Nitrite poisions the bloodstream, they red blood cells cant carry oxygen, "brown blood"
    Both will lead to failing fish and secondary infections/death if not fixed within a few days/weeks
    In any case, yes test your water daily and do daily PWC until its fully cycled, the drops are much longer lasting and slightly more accurate, worth the $30 or whatever, especially if your serious about the hobby and plan on expanding in the future.