Why are my Discus dying?

Discussion in 'Discus Fish' started by GLJ, Jul 21, 2014.

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    Hey there,
    Ive been a discus owner for close to a year now, initially having no problem with them in the slightest.
    However in the last 2-3 months I have lost 5 of my 7 discus. The tank is 260 Litres, I do weekly water changes and test the water specs to make sure everything is in order. Each second water change I use RO water and clean the canister filter every two months. None of the water specs are overly worrying, the most recent being PH: 6.5, ammonia: 0.25, nitrite: 0, nitrate:5, GH:4, KH: 1 and water temperature sits at 27 degrees. Not sure if this is relevant or not but the light runs for 8 hours a day and the tank isnt anywhere near direct sunlight.
    The only symptom the fish have shown of being unwell is lack of eating, I feed morning and night a combination of bloodworm and Thera A however they mostly only pick at the food at night. I have treated with Promthyasul incase of parasites and there is no evidence of tapeworm infection. The plant life in the tank also looks a little dull and droopy, not sure if that's relevant or not.

    Can someone please let me know if there is any reason I could be missing as to why my fish are dying?
    Thanks, Grace.
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    Hi Grace and welcome to Fishlore. really sorry to hear of the problems your having.

    So, roughly a 68 gl tank, how many Discus do you have left total? (just the 2)? and how many more fish in the tank and what are they?

    Discus are sensitive to water conditions, so .25 ammonia would cause them to be disturbed. not saying the .25 would kill them(not a lot of ammonia) but the fact it is in the tank would cause Discus to be at a heightened state which could bring on parasites.

    The temp is a little low for Discus, I would make this one of the first things to adjust by moving it slowly to about 29.

    Lights are not really relevant and 8 hours is no problem at all.

    I think you have a water quality issue.
    First, if you need to use RO ( the fact you only use it every second WC tells me no) you should be mixing it with tap water. 50/50
    I would recommend at least twice a week on the water changes and once a month in cleaning the canister.

    at the moment I would step up the WC's and maybe add some carbon to clean up the water column a bit (unforseens are hard to detect)

    normally Discus will tell you if something is wrong. Like not having an appetite, I am guessing a parasite has been running wild in the tank, could be internal at this point.
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    Thanks for getting back to me.
    Yeah Ive only got the 2 discus left, other than that just a few small bristlenoses which seem fine.
    Thanks Ill try what you said and hopefully it fixes them up.
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    Are they look like bloated? What is the color of their poop? Is it pale, white, stringy?
    Also your bristlenose poop will be good indication if there is an internal parasite, his poop should be all the way one colour. If the color of his poop varies than definitely you have internal parasite causing infection.

    Go to the nearest pharmacy and get an Epsom Salt and dose a table spoon on a 40 liters of water and see if that is going to help to bring their appetite back
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    If you are using RO or RO/DI water you need to replace the minerals that the RO unit removes. These minerals are critical to the health of fish and the stability of the PH.

    This is what we use for our RO/DI water.
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    I would buy a RO unit

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