Why are my bristlenoses all hanging around the eggs?


Hi, new here but I was just wondering about my bristlenose eggs that I've recently discovered. I've had my four catfish for some months now, and I was actually adding another so I decided to give my tank a clean and redecorate it, and as I was doing that, I came across the eggs, which I put with all my other fish and catfish while I cleaned the tank, will that be a problem that I moved them? They have settled nicely back into their home, I'm just worried I stressed the dad out too much and I have no clue about how the babies are doing because this the first time I've had babies but also I'm trying to make sure I leave them alone. Sorry for the long post, thank in advance for your help.

So I've recently discovered I have bristlenose eggs and I noticed at the beginning the albino male was hanging in and around them but in the last couple days (I have 4 grown catfish, one baby that I got from a friend) 3 of the catfish are hanging the eggs, is that a problem? Or are they all just looking after the same eggs? Will attach a photo of where the eggs are although won't be able to see the eggs.


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Hi Tiki112.
Welcome to fishlore

Don’t worry to much if this lot of eggs fails.

The male should stay with the eggs and fan the mouth of the cave with his tail.

If fertile they will hatch soon.

Do you intend to raise a few fry?


Welcome to fishlore :)

I agree with Flyfisha, how big is the tank?? sometimes BN plecos and plecos in general can have aggression issue if there isnt enough space and hiding areas.

Best of luck
Peter :)


Hi, yes I would like to raise some fry if they do hatch, I have about 30 litre tank, with neon and guppies. What you said makes a lot of sense so I'm not too worried now but thank you

there is a few hidey holes but perhaps I should have more?


I have about 30 litre tank
That is a problem, though. This is not even big enough for a single Ancistrus.

Plecos eat a lot and reproduce almost like Guppies. Unless you have a setup of at least 100 liters with good filtration and room for offspring AND somebody who regularly takes your surplus no matter what, I would separate the sexes or rehome either the males or all but one male.

If you can't afford to get a bigger tank within the next weeks, I recommend rehoming them all asap. Otherwise you will get into waterquality problems (or you waterchange a lot).


Sorry Tiki,

I don't want to discourage you but 4 BN pleco, some neons and guppies and some BN pleco babies in a 30litre/8gal tank is super super extremely overstocked. Neon's and guppies are both small fish but often need a lot of swim space. I think keeping guppies in that tank is fine but neons normally need minimum 20gal due to the large schooling size majority of people keep them in and due to there swim space requirments. With 4 BN plecos you should note that most people reccomend 30gal/115litres each so you would over 100gal/375litres to have a safe tank size for the amount of fish in that tank.

Please rehome the fish or upgrade tank size if possible. How big is the pond you said you wanted to raise the BN pleco fry in????

Also i agree with MacZ post above..


Thank you for your advice, there was a lot I didn't know before mentioned this basically why I joined this so I could learn more. I am looking into upgrading my tank anyway so I can look into a range that is safe for them as well as separating a few species into different tanks. I'll have to come back to you on the size of the pond as it is night right now, but I think Ill just stick to getting them all into the appropriate sized tanks. Thank you so much for your help.


All good any further questions I'll help if I can, I'm assuming your perhaps from Australia if you said it's night now???

BN pleco are fine outdoors in Aussie weather in summer but winters can be colder in different areas so best to monitor temps and have a backup like an indoor tank for them if too cold or hot

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