Why are all my shrimp dying?

Discussion in 'Freshwater Invertebrates' started by FishMcGod, Jul 6, 2015.

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    In the last day or two I have had about 4-5 shrimp die on me. I am down to about 2-3 left in my tank. I figure these guys are about to kick the bucket as well, and I am not prepared for it.

    I am more concerned with what happened in the tank for this suddenly to sudden die off. My ph has always been around 7.2 and I am using aquaeonn water conditioner. I use the 5 ml of for ever 2-3 gallons changed. No nirates or nirite spikes, no ammonia spikes showing on my master test kit.

    I had a major seed shrimp explosion, and now their population crashed a long with my shrimps what is the deal? I did drop food in there to make sure that was not the cause.
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    Did you add anything that might have killed them off, anything with copper? Liquid ferts or medicine maybe?
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    no, I have actually avoided any medicine. I stopped feeding the tank for 2 days to let the seed shrimp kinda die back, thinking the shrimp would be able to survive a day or two. They have been feed for the last few days, and had food in the tank when they died.

    My tank was cycled, it actually is eating all the nitrates from the algae in the water.