why are all my plants dyeing??

I just purchased two kinds of plants I will post pic in a bit but they are all falling apart I have bio-spiraed a 10 gallon tank and well I"m wondering y I have to keep picking leaves out of the water can any one help
~ Inari
mmm great well my LFS said that with this extra stuff the plants should do pretty well and with the light I got them I might break down and get a plant light they are low light plants so idk yet any suggestions on what to do thanx


PS setting these freaking plants up was a pain in the butt lol couldn't get them to stay down just wanted to mention that lol
It depends on the type of plant. Often, many plants, when replanted, lose their existing leaves but will grow new ones. Others, such as crypts, don't like to be moved and their leaves will actually "melt" but will regrow more leaves. Just don't move it once you put it where you want it.

Get some plant anchors.
Well, what kind of plants do you have? What bulb (how many watts does it have and what spectrum)? And how large is your tank? Are you adding any commercial products for plants to your tank? If so, which ones? Let us take it from here
holy talk about getting hammered with questions!!!!! I have crypts and hyrdas i'm told this is normal behavior of both. my light is an Eclipse fluorescent lamp 20 in, no commercial chemicals not yet unless they need them can mess with ur pH and such I know that as a fact (especially if u plants don't need or use them)

Also I've got another link about my current parameters please look at that as well!
The reason I ask these questions is to determine whether the wpg (watts per gallon) ratio is good for the plants you have. To determine this, I need to know the wattage of your bulb and the size of your tank. It's also really hard to determine whether your plants are suitable for a low-light/low-tech tank as there are hygros and crypts that can grow in low light and those that require higher lighting and good substrates. Do you know the scientific names of the plants you have?
ummm no I don't know the scientific names if I can find my receipt I can get u a full common name but no promises I can send pics of what they are doing if u think that would help I can submit those when I return!!!
If you can figure the scientific or just common names for the plants you have, that would be good and no pictures would be necessary. And even if you post pictures, I probably won't know what plants yours are as I am not very informed on crypts and hygros. What you can always do is examine your plants and go to plant geek, or other aquatic plant websites, and see what plants yours look like. Then just look at the plants' lighting and other requirements. That should help you determine why your plants are dying. You can also do a web search on the plants that you have. Watts per gallons ratio is measured by dividing the number of watts your bulb has over the number of gallons that your tank has. Some plants are low-light, others are medium- and high-light. Some will require special nutrient-rich substrates, and others won't. That is why you need to know what plant species you have. And that is also why it's important to search for information about the plants that you have. When you have all of this information, you'll probably know why your plants are dying. Always research!
alright well it is probly just eaiser for me to submit the pics .... i'm going to wait a bit to see if my crypts start growing and stop melting :-S but my hydras idk what do yet
my crypts are starting to take off for the most part I have one or two that are still copping an attitude, I can't get my camera working so no pics of the hyrdas yet but I do have atleast one that will survive ... I hope..anyway I also got a java moss that inarI likes to play in sometimes kinda like a child really, but he what are u going to do right?
thanx and if anyone has any advice on hyrdas ingeneral then please let me know I do however know that hydras lose a boat load of leaves when being transplanted thanx all


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