Why are 40 gallon breeder stands so rare???


I am getting really annoyed at the difficulty in finding a 40 gallon breeder stand. They are so rare that they are pretty much non-existent on craigslist. And the only one I can find in a store is the metal stand from petco. I prefer going used because of the huge savings. There are zillions of 55 gallon stands on craigslist. But none for a 40 breeder. (no 40 breeder tanks on craigslist either!!) I would love to have a stand with doors for storage, but again, the ONLY thing I can find, even online, is that metal stand from petco.

I plan to purchase a 40 breeder from petco's dollar per gallon sale for my daughter's red ear slider turtle. But I also have to purchase a bigger screen top and a bigger filter. So spending big bucks on a stand is making me nervous. The petco stand is $53 on sale right now. So it isn't horribly expensive....but I wanted other options!!

I am getting the impression that the ONLY way to get a 40 gallon breeder stand that isn't a boring metal stand is to make it myself. I don't have the tools, nor do I have the space (or the experience) to build one myself.

The most frustrating part about this is there was a 40 breeder with a metal stand AND a canister filter for $50 on craigslist the other day!! It had been listed for 6 days before I saw it! (even though I had been checking daily!! So where the heck was it? why wasn't I seeing it all that time?) So anyway, I finally saw it and called the person all excited....they sold it 15 MINUTES BEFORE I CALLED!!! UGHGHGHGHGHG I have been stalking craigslist for years, several of my aquarium set ups are from craigslist and I have never seen a set up like this EVER (40 gallon breeder set up). so that was a real heartbreaker. It was exactly what I needed for an AMAZING price. BOOO

Sorry I am really just venting here. I am bummed because I just don't understand why it is so hard to get a nice stand for a 40 breeder!!!!!!! WHY WHY WHY???!!!!!!

Big Red

This is a stretch but maybe somebody here from your area would be willing to make one for you or has one here that may want to get rid of. Maybe post a wanted thread in b, s, t, f pages.

Its a stretch but you never know?


Well I have done more digging and found that the stands for 65 gallon tanks would fit a 40 gallon breeder. So I will keep an eye out for a 65 gallon stand as well.....They seem to be a little more common, but still rare.....

I'd love to build my own....but without the space or the tools, I am not sure how I could do it.

There I go with my defeatist attitude!!!


My gf, and I recently built a stand. It's a double decker for 2 20 gallon L though. Obviously for our first go it wasn't perfect, but everything was level and held up. Bought supplies for under 20 bucks. I know you aren't keen on building, but if the option ever arrises, we watched the king of diy do a few before we tried our hand at it. I know with better tools it would have been perfect. We may end up building a few more, and possibly staining them. We did this over the course of 2 days, but total time spent on cutting the pieces, and building it was probably 4 hours. And most stores will cut the wood too, but lowes was closing soon, so we just bought a cheap 30 dollar power saw. I have a few 40 breeders, but I bought this stand at lowes. It was a little less than 100 bucks, but it's awesome. Of course it's a metal stand, so you may not be keen on it, but I have my discus on obe rack, and my corn snake in the other. Good luck in whatever route you take. Hopefully you can find a really good deal, though!

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