whos fault?

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    i went to the same petstore ive been goin to for my fish...i bought 4 little angel fish and they were doing fine in the tank...when i guy put them in the bag tho...there was hardly enough water in the bag for them...when we got home we put them in to let them adjust to the water or whatever they do...and that night 2 of them died but the other two are doin fine...the water quality in the tank is ideal for them...so is it the pet store guys fault...plus i think hes new...
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    How long were they in the bag? Also, how long did you let them adjust before letting them into the aquarium?

    And no, a Betta wouldn't eat a tetra. I'm 99% sure they won't eat whatever fish you'll be putting in :)
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    they were in the beg for about 15-20 minutes...plus the 30 minutes in the tank letting them adjust
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    If they are any kind of reputable pet store, they would guarantee their fish for at least several days....I know the guy near me guarantees his for 5 days, Petco guarantees theirs for 15....All you have to do is bring the fish back to the store with the receipt and they will replace it.
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    yea i bought them at petco and i have 13 days left to bring them back...i just wanted to know if the guy killed them or if its my tank that cant handle them
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    They may have just been weak fish. Anyway the fish dont need a of a lot of water for the trip mostly oxygen the water is their to keep them wet obviously and gills etc. Sounds stupid but its true. At least you have that deal