Who Would Win, Harry Potter or Percy Jackson?

Harry Potter has is normal wand, Percy Jackson has Riptide, say they are at... Um, anywhere on the earth, just not in Hogwarts nor the middle of the ocean. They are both fighting at their peak age. Who would win? Wanted to get FishLore's opinion.
Percy. Poseidon's powerful enough to bring the ocean wherever. Also vengeful and petty enough to wipe out Hogwarts just for the fun of it cuz Harry picking on his kid.
Ooh! I like this!

I'd say Percy. He could probably wash Harry away when he's still saying a spell.
Interesting question and I'm assuming this question comes from the actual books and not the movies. Being a readaholic, I often find the movies lacking after have read the book.

First, at what age of the participants does this happen. Remember in the books both started as not knowing or developing their talents.

Personally I think that at first Percy would win. But as they got older, I think Harry would outdo him. Granted, Percy took on a lot, those Greek Gods are vengeful and powerful and Percy and his friends were able to outsmart them. But come on, Harry took on and defeated the most powerful and evil wizard of all time.

Yea, I'm a sci-fi, fantasy geek and I'm even in my 60's. And don't even get me going about Steven King, there are very few of his books I haven't read.
I would say both. Neither one is evil, both are likely to try to know their possible opponent before fighting him Both tend to react rather than start any aggression, so you would have the two of them standing there waiting for the other to start the fight. Neither one is going to want to fight someone who is on the same side in the universal good vs. evil conflict. Eventually each will realize that the other has no wish to attack, and they will talk and make friends. Ergo, both would win.
I can't even. What is this Percy garbage? Clearly Harry Potter would destroy him. He just needs to point a stick and say a word. Boom, instakill.
Mimo, then you have not read Rick Riordan's books. Plus, Harry would not say that word, which is abracadabra, on anyone less than Voldemort.

I like chrome's take on it, both are good kids and would not end up fighting each other, but together.

Hanging head in shame, I'm such a sci-fi, fantasy geek.

Now does anyone want to talk Brandon Sanderson?

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