Who Here Runs External Thermostat


Do you run a thermostat inline of your heater as fail safe

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    83jase Valued Member Member

    Just curious as we all know the infamous heater for its reliability it's not the matter of "if" it's the matter of "when" I've had a few over the years fail from cheap to expensive heaters do you guys use fail safe running external thermostat for protection from over heating. I've heard of plenty stories and there not slowing down

    I don't see anyone talking about use thermostat externally of the heaters is it not common practice and I've gone overboard?

    Really look forward the comments

    Thanks everyone
  2. bigdreams

    bigdreams Well Known Member Member

    I don't but am thinking of getting one. They are an extra expense. I use Aqueon Pro heaters which are pretty decent. If I had discus or other very expensive fish I would definitely get a thermostat.
  3. OP

    83jase Valued Member Member

    Thanks for reply I thought the same with eheim jager sadly I've had better success with basic cheap heater for accuracy Lesa failure rate but i see where your coming from aswell