Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by Andreas11292, Sep 9, 2005.

  1. Andreas11292New MemberMember

    Todey I woke up and on my female mollie there was a white spot about 1/2 a centermeter long on her head.I just started to use quick cure for my fishes ich.But it was like the coler was gone in that one spot on here head.Please help.

    thanks alot andreas11292
  2. DurbkatValued MemberMember

    Your mollie has a fish fungus this is what you need to do to cure it. First seperate it from other fish as to not spread it around. Be sure to give your fish the best water that you can by performing frequent water changes. Just go to your lps and ask them to show you where the fungus medicine is then follow directions on box/bottle.
  3. Andreas11292New MemberMember

    Is it deadly? and will it spreed and killthe fish?
  4. DurbkatValued MemberMember

    Yes it can be deadly if not treated, so sperate him in a hospital tank and treat it. And it will spread and kill your other fish unless you treat the fish soon. From what you said it looked like it sounds like you have caught it in its earliest stage which is good and it won't take as long to cure. Oh and make sure the hospital tank is 5 gallons or more with a heater and some of your tank water from the tank it was in.

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