White Worms in my Gambusia Holbrooki

  1. croden Initiate Member

    I have a few, what seem like pregnant Gambusia Holbrooki (eastern Mosquitofish), and I've seen little white worms swimming in the gravid spot of some of them. The other day there were almost 50 of them at the bottom of my tank so I immediately did a water change and got them out. Any idea what they could be and if my fish are pregnant or just infested?
  2. Protim Sarkar Well Known Member Member

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    If you could post a picture of the worm then it would be good.

    Maybe some kind of planaria.

  3. croden Initiate Member

    After looking at some pictures of planaria, thats most likely what it would be. They were about 3mm long and 1mm wide. So I think thats it, but now, how did they get there and more importantly, how do I get them out???
  4. Protim Sarkar Well Known Member Member

    It has multiplied due to overfeeding and poor water quality.The main ways to prevent planaria is to not over feed and to gravel vacuum thoroughly and do many water changes and also to not feed the fish at all for a number of days.

  5. croden Initiate Member

    Thanks but I don't know how gravel vacuuming would help since the worms are in the actual fish/gravid spot.