White Stuff Coming Out Of Lilly Pad Bulb? Question

  1. iancrayguy

    iancrayguy Valued Member Member

    Hello so I bought a Lilly pad bulb from petco it’s the one in a package without water. And there’s holes white white stuff on it what is this and is this safe to put in my tank? And is it alive? IMG_2539.jpg
  2. D

    DutchAquarium Well Known Member Member

    the white stuff is a fungus. What i would do is make sure the bulb sinks, if it isn't then you know it's dead. this might take a day or two. If it sinks your okay to put it in the aquarium.
  3. OP

    iancrayguy Valued Member Member

    Darn it, it’s a bad bulb then not gonna get it again thanks for the info!