White streak on striped dottyback

See pictures below, my striped dottyback has some kind of white streak going vertically down his side on one flank. He seems to be twitching, breathing more quickly than normal, and flashing, but no other fish are affected and I thought ich was more dots than a concentrated streak...
The tank just went through four days of Rally Pro treatment, so hopefully that eliminates some possibilities. I did have a fish die a week+ ago with what looked like something fungal. It was puffy and cottony (you can see the earlier post about him)

I am trying to decide if I should proceed with fungal treatment (Pimafix) or Ich treatment.

thanksin advance!
Worth noting, he is eating and otherwise active
If the fungus is on the mouth I would use Melafix and Pimafix. If it's on the body I would use something along the lines of Marcyn and Ich-X
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I'm not very good with diseases but try and get a picture under white light so people can see it better.

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