White spots on betta, fungal infection?

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    Hi, I've had my betta for about 6 months and he's recently developed white spots. They don't seem to be raised or "cotton-y" and there are only a few, so I'm unsure whether it's a fungal infection or ich. Either way, I do not have any medications and I'm not sure what I could get from my local fish store on short notice. I'm worried sick and feeling guilty that I didn't think to get meds in advance, so please point me in the right direction. :)
    The tank is 10 gallons with a heater (~80F).
    PH: 7.2
    ammonia: 0
    nitrate: <0.25 ppm
    nitrite: <0.25 ppm
    The nitrate and nitrite readings are slightly above 0 and lower than 0.25ppm. I know the PH is a bit high, but it's been stable for months.
    Other than the spots, he seemed normal until yesterday. I found him at the the bottom of the tank and he refused to come up except to take in air. I left food (betta pellets) in the feeder ring for about an hour, but he was not interested. Normally, when I turn on the lights, he immediately comes up to the area where I put the feeder ring in and waits for it.
    Today, he was perched at the top of the tank and reacted normally to food, ate everything, and went back to the same area at the top in the corner. He has been sitting there all day, but is more active. When I get close to the tank, he'll come investigate and swim around a bit before returning to the corner. Yesterday, he did not react at all. Both days have been abnormal behavior, as he usually explores and has many places in the tank that he likes to hang out.

    It was difficult to get a picture, as he started moving as soon as I got close to the tank. That made me feel better about his behavior though! He has a similar spot on his side, but I couldn't get him in a good position for a picture.

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    Could be any number of things from parasites to damaged scales. Does he have any decor in his tank with small holes that he might have tried to squeeze through and caused himself an injury? They don't really look like damage scales but it's hard to say.

    Does he have any tankmates?

    Do you know about the nitrogen cycle? It seems that your tank is not quite fully cycled yet because of the presence of nitrites or perhaps it's going through a cycle bump due to some interruption to the bacteria. Did you recently do any maintenance on the tank or filter?

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