White Spot On Make Betta Head

  1. Aimeeroy Initiate Member

    My Betta has had a white spot pretty large size on top of his head for a couple of days now. He is eating and swimming fine. No change in behavior. Incidentally, I was at the end a week long cycle of Betta Fix treatment because he got beat up when we had to Evacuate our home due to wildfires. How can I tell if it’s a wound or fungus? There has also beenacoue of temperature spikes in water as I am adjusting a new heater for my small tank.
  2. CanadianJoeh Well Known Member Member

    Could you please give me your water parameters? pH/ammonia/nitrites/nitrates?

    And could you please post a photo? There is no way of telling if we cannot see it.

    My condolences about the wildfire near your home, I hope all is well.

  3. devin s. Member Member

    Is it a raised bump? If it is just white and not raised and there is other white dots on fins and tail it may be ICH, although you may want more peoples advice before diagnosing and treating.
  4. Aimeeroy Initiate Member

    Hi there. It doesn’t look raised to me. It’s a Little hard to tell about other white spots because he is white and blue kind of speckled. Tested the water last night and all is good except for hardness.

  5. CanadianJoeh Well Known Member Member

    I don't see any white spots on your fish....
  6. InsanityShard Member Member

    I see it- it's pretty blurry, raised on the side of his head and a non raised one above the eye. Seem pretty small. I have no idea, just pointing out where it is for other posters.
  7. Aimeeroy Initiate Member

    I tested the water and all is within healthy range except for water hardness. Here’s a photo.

  8. CanadianJoeh Well Known Member Member

    I'm no Betta expert, and I honestly don't see much of anything wrong except PERHAPS some swelling on the (fish's) right side of his head. If it's swollen though, I'll say it's probably just an injury. Clean water will heal it :)