White spot on Betta head

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I was looking at my betta this morning and he had a weird white spot on the top of his head. It doesn't look like ick, it is too big. It looks almost as though it is an old scar or something. There isn't anything in his tank that he could have scraped the top of his head on that I know about either. Any ideas?
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Do you have a pic? Is he acting and eating normally?
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I don't have a pic yet, he keeps freaking out when I get near the glass. He is almost constantly attacking the glass(reflection) when the tank light is on, he stops when I turn it off though. He hasn't been eating, he just spits it out. This just started this morning.
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How long have you had him? What are you feeding?
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I'm trying to get a pic but I'm not that good at it. I'll work at it though. I've had him since before august and I am feeding mostly betta pellets but twice a week I give him some blood worms.
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Is he a red betta? The white spot could be fungus - does it look fuzzy or slick? Rid-Fungus would be our first choice if it is a fungus. We've used it several times with success on Bettas with fungus.
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He is not a red betta, he is blue mostly but does have some deep red on his bottom fin. The white spot does not look fuzzy. Here are some pictures I took:

And one just for kicks and giggles:
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Hi, that looks VERY like the patch my first betta ( a red) had, sadly I only had him about 36 hours and sadly through my in experience with bettas I medicated him wrongly, however I also think it was too far advanced to save him.

To me it does look like he has torn his flesh on something, could even have just been the corner of that shell. I'd just keep watch that it is not and ulcer as mine had but you are on the case so that's good. The others can advise meds/treatments/vitamins as here in the UK I can't get many of the good US ones. Good luck with him, keep us postedand by the way HE IS STUNNING!!!
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I agree with Tazmiche. From the pics it looks like he may have had an accident.

Bettas are so curious and nosey they sometimes get themselves into trouble. One of mine recently got sucked into the vacuum and got a bad, bleeding gash on her head, just about where your fish has the mark. Super clean water healed it up in 5 days.

Take out your decorations and feel them inside and out, and if there are sharp or jagged parts, you can sand them down smooth.
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off the thread Barbrella, your avatar pic looks like my new ' girl that turned out to be a boy' Kiz (Kismet)!! I'm trying to post pics right now!!

Back on thread, I saw one of ours ZOOM head first into the thermometre once whilst excited so they can be dopes and hurt themselves!!
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Well I'm glad it isn't fungus! Thanks you guys, I will keep the water super clean and take out the shells. I am going to get some silk plants anyway so I'll just replace them with those.
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That pic does look like he's just lost some scales and not like fungus. ;D If you can get Vita-Chem and/or Fish Protector, we've found those are great at helping them regrow scales faster and protect the spot while they do.
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I have a quick question, my moms betta fish has a white growth thing right next to his eye. I'm not to worried about this but I wanted to add some Aquari-sol to take care of it and I am not sure what it is. It might be ich or some fungus because it's kind of cottony. I didn't notice it yesterday.
HIS NAME IS NAPOLEON!!!! (she named him, not me.) He is blue with red stripes on his tale, real pretty.
EVERY ANSWER COUNTS!!!!( except ones that say BANANA MAN!!! )
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Check out this story on the Forum, sounds like you both are having the same problem with white spots around you Bettas eyes. Maybe you can figure out what is wrong with you Betta. Hope this helps!
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Occasionally old bettas will get a lone white spot here or there and they are nothing to worry about.

However, if it gets bigger raidly, or more strt appearin, i'd treat for fungus or ich depending on how it presents.

Good luck!
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It's sounds like fungus or columnaris if it's fluffy. Do you have a pic?
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The betta is 1 year old so I don't think it's that
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I tried to get a picture of it but it never showed up so I gave up.
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Update: It fell off (or became invisible, just kidding XD) Should I keep watching him for more?
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It probablly won't come back. ive heard lots of stories like yours, and they usually don't come back. Just keep your aquarium at 80-82 degrees celcius

Hope this helps!
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I would watch him just in case.
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He's my moms and she just loves him, if anything happened to him while she is in London she would be heart broken. I got him for her for mothers day in 2010.
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My betta has been hiding behind the filter lately. He still eats, but he used to be out and about. He has also developed a white spot on his head. It is kinda bar shaped and runs from one side of the body to the other. This is the best picture I could get of it.

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1: Could you pretty please do a quick test and let us know the numerical values for all three; ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate?
2: How often and how much water do you change in the tank?
3: What are the other tank mates in the tank (species name and number of each)?
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1) Liquid kit
Ammonia--- 0ppm
Nitrite-------- 0ppm
Nitrate------- ~10ppm

2) ~50% weekly changes

3) The 10 gallon tank contains one betta and a small number of ghost shrimp, along with some Malaysian trumpet snails (and troublingly, the appearance of pond snails...)

I looked in on him with the light off. He is in his same spot, sometimes listing sideways.
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Your tank profile says you have Neons and Cardinals in the tank?

I can't really tell by the pictures weather or not that's a boo boo on his head. What does it look like to you.. a boo boo, fungus, fuzzy, or just a new color spot?
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I really need to update my tank info. This betta has never been housed with other fish. It doesn't really look fuzzy, it's more smooth. But I think it's been growing, and his behavior has me worried.
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He's got a few more white spots on his body. These look different. One might be a raised scale, the others... External parasites, maybe?

Near the middle of his body, on the left is one of the "things", to the right, the more diffuse looking white spot may be a raised scale.

More white things on his right side.

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I'm honestly not sure what it may be. My first thought is anchor worms, but I just can't be certain.
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The shape just doesn't look right, though it's hard to photograph. They are more flat and wide.
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He is still the same. Hiding behind the filter and listing to the side, but swimming after and eating food... I dunno what to do, really. Other than maybe medicating with something that treats parasites. I dunno if this is something that will work itself out or not.
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Hi, are you using any almond leaf or salt in his water? I use it in my betta tanks-both a pinch of salt and the almond leaves.
Anyway, I wonder if it is a fungus-at least that is what it looks like to me-just not sure. The salt won't hurt IMO and the leaves help soften the water.
Hope he gets better soon!
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I have not, but I can give it a shot.
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He was up against the glass earlier, and I was able to get a clear photo of him.

I don't think he has "things" on him, he just looks to be losing color in areas. The spot behind his eye should not be greyish white, nor should the scales running front to back look pale. He was a very vibrant blue.
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Still no real change. He still hides, still is missing some color, and still happily eats. The continuous appetite gives me some hope...
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From the picture, his eye(s) look cloudy...can you confirm?

If so, the aquarium salt can help...1 teaspoon per 5 gallons. Make sure to dissolve the aquarium salt in treated water first, before adding to the tank, as undissolved salt can burn the fish.

After a water change, only add the amount of salt for the water changed...i.e. if you do a 50% (2.5 gal) water change, add 1/2 teaspoon. Aquarium salt does not evaporate, so if you add too much, it will raise tthe salinity too high for your fish.
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His eyes are clear and look normal. He looks to have something going on on his side.

I'm really starting to think parasites. It looks like those are little white guys attached to him.
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His fins are shorter, and look to have black around the edges of the affected areas. He has difficulty staying anywhere but the surface, he just floats back up, so I'm guessing there are some swim bladder issues.
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No thoughts?

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