White spot on Angel fin

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by Angelnovice, Jul 14, 2015.

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    Hello all! I could use some help. I have recently moved my breeding pair of Angels from my 150 gallon community tank to a new 55 gal tall "honeymoon suite." I acquired the 55 from someone who let it get very nasty (like I couldn't see the foot long Pleco in it, nasty). I thoroughly cleaned everything and set it up at my house. I cycled the tank with filter media from my 150 and a pair of Yoyo loaches I got with the tank. Unfortunately, cleaning the substrate didn't prevent the tank from being over run by snails, so it is now a bare bottom tank. Anyway, the day after I moved the pair, I noticed my male had grayish eyes, so I removed the carbon, did a 50% WC, and started to treat with salt & melafix (not around the bottle right now, but antibacterial). The eyes look great, by now there is a white fuzz on the back of one of his fine. His mate has a very small spot on her fin too (couldn't get a pic to show it because it's so small). They are acting normally and even look like they're preping to breed, but I can figure out what it is. My parameters are testing at 0/0/0 (if done several WC recently due to the problems, but plan to leave it alone while I'm medicating). Temp is 83. Could anyone please ID and help me figure out if this is bacterial or fungus?

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    looks like it's fungi. some get infected and turn to blisters too. Try treating with Nox-Ich.
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    Thanks for the reply, communityguy. I'll add anti-fungal to the water as well. I was hoping someone could help me identify the disease. I was thinking it may be fin rot, anyone?
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    The link does not work for me. But I will say (without seeing, so take this for what it is worth) that fin rot usually does not look like white patches. From your discription it sounds more like a fungus. I have treated fungus successfully in the past with Maracyn. But Maracyn is now being made by another company and I haven't seen it around anywhere local. But I would think that any Anti Fungal antibiotic would work well.

    Best of luck