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HI all. I recently got 2 platys from my LFS. They are still in my QT. the male still has clamped fins and the female gas a solid strand of white poop. Both fish are behaving normally and the male is chasing the female. Both had stringy white poop when I got them. I have been treating with focus and metroplex. The female just recently gave birth. Should I worry?


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My first platy also had white poop. I was told it was either Hexamita, so treat with metro like your are doing, or it could be a tapeworm, in which case PraziPro would be the better option. In the end, I spoke with my LFS as well. It was my first tank and I didn’t know any better and we were doing a fish in cycle. The owner mentioned just observing her if she showed no other signs of illness before medicating. She never hid, always ate and maintained her weight. After the tank cycled her feces went to a normal colour, so I think stress can also be a culprit.

If you see other symptoms in her, like hiding and not eating, or eating lots but losing weight, I’d also look into PraziPro, if she’s just fine otherwise, perhaps she just needs time to settle in to QT.

Sorry, I wasn’t very clear. What I was told was not eating and hiding with white/clear feces is most likely Hex so treat with Metro. Eating well but losing weight is most likely a tapeworm so treat with PraziPro. If she has no other symptoms, eating well, not hiding and not losing weight, then just observe and see if it resolves itself once she is comfortable and not stressed.
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