White Slime Question

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by dunes, Apr 14, 2010.

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    Alright so my boss has a 75 gallon tank that he never seems to listen to my recommendtions, like dont buy anymore fish there is something wrong with your tank. So what does he do but buys 15 new fish.

    I had to move his tank to his new home, so fish and tank were fine until he added new plastic plants large decorative rock without rinsing them and 10 new fish, angels, beta, tigerbarbs and an algae eater. Well after the weekend i went to go treat his fish for stress after the transport and there is a white semi transparent substance now growing in is tank. All the fish he bought died the only ones that made it where his 5 orignal fish.

    Welp, he turned around and brought 15 more fish back. So I need to find out what has infected his tank.

    Update: white specs are popping up on his 5 orginal fish

    Please HElp
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    I'm almost certain that those white specs are ich, which is short for ichthyophthirius or something like that.

    Ich is the most prevalent, contagious, and common disease in the aquarium. Though I'm no fish doctor, I'm pretty sure that many members here can show you how to treat it.