White Skirt Tetra Looking Thin Help

Discussion in 'Tetras' started by Daisy7216, Apr 10, 2019.

  1. Daisy7216New MemberMember

    So I have 2 white skirt tetras, and I have attached photos of both of them as well as a side by side. The larger one is doing fine, and has been since I got him/her. My tank has one RTS, 2 balloon mollie adults, and 2 baby balloons (under 12 weeks old), a platy, and 2 white skirts in a 30 gal. Anyways, the tank has been set up for about 3 months now, and the water parameters are fine, other than the water being a bit more hard than wanted. About 2 weeks after I put in the tetras, one of them started to get thin FAST. He was breathing weird and wouldnt eat. After doing some research I bought a parasite treatment, since at the time I did not have a QT tank to put him in i dosed the whole tank as directed. He did recover after the second round of treatment! Which means i did something right, right? But sadly, this little guy will just not grow back up to his full size. When he eats i watch him eat part of a flake and spit out a bunch of what he ate, as if the flakes were to big for him to swallow which they definitly arent. Hes lived like this for 2 months now, and poops just fine so I know hes eating and hes not going to die. I know he no longer has whatever parasite he did before, but my other tetra has grown to 2 times his size! Both in width and in height, even tho when I got them they were the same size. I just wanna get this little guy back up to a healthy weight, any suggestions? I couldn't find anything online about how to help a fish get back to full health after a parasite, so I really hope you guys have some tips. This is my first time posting to the forum so sorry if I put this in the wrong section 20190410_124132.jpg20190410_124127.jpg1554922197627.jpg
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    Looks like male and female to me.
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    Woah thank you for bringing that to my attention. I didnt know they could have such large differences in size, do you think the parasite may have had something to do with him being so tiny tho? He thinned out a lot while he was sick, he was definitely larger than he is now when I bought him.
  4. DoubleDutchFishlore LegendMember

    His belly and total appearance doesn't show signs of internal parasites to me.
    He looks a bit smaller than normal, but doesn't look sick to me.