White piece on harlequin's mouth?

  1. greenbeanette Member Member

    Hi guys,

    So I added 7 harlequin rasboras to my 20g tank Saturday and today I notice that one has a white piece of fluff hanging off his lip. Here's 3 pictures. The first one is what it normal ones faces' look like and the other 2 are the one with the large piece hanging off his mouth. Is this fungus?

    I also have a betta in the tank. Everyone is eating well and looks otherwise normal.


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  2. RogueAgent94 Fishlore Legend Member

    Welcome to FishLore! :;toast

    Have you noticed your Harlies digging around in the substrate much? It could be that one of them got mouth fungus from scratching his lip while digging around for food. It's pretty easy to cure if I remember correctly. A natural fungus medicine which I have heard good things about is Primafix. You may want to try that. Hopefully other members will have other ideas as well :) .

  3. greenbeanette Member Member

    I just set up a 4g tuberware to put the harlequins in and moved them over. I think it might be mouth fungus? 2 others have a white mouth, but it's not cottony or stringy or anything. I also noticed one of the normal ones looks like he got a couple of shiny specks on him. Ich? They aren't white, they almost look like tiny air bubbles that settled on him.

    Anyone? What should I do? I'm going to the pet store in a bit. What should I get?

    Edit: Ok I'll get some primafix. They don't dig in the sand at all. I was actually surprised, because it seems like they ignore food once it hits the bottom. What about the possible ich? I read that high temps are bad if there is fungus.
  4. MD Angels Well Known Member Member

    Hi there,

    It is hard to tell from the pics, (but I'm sure it was even harder to get a pic lol) but by your later description, and Rouge's suggestion, it could very well be mouth fungus.

    Do you have an extra air pump to put in with them while they are being treated? If you have one on their original tank you can use that as the betta won't need it.

    I really like Mardel products. Maracyn plus is a broad spectrum anitbiotic that treats true fungal infections, as well as host of others.

    There is also fungus cure by API. It helps prevent secondary bacterial infections as well. Both of these are great products.

    Very nice tank btw :)
    Good luck

  5. greenbeanette Member Member

    They didn't have those products. They had Maracyn and Maracyn 2, and Maroxy, but the first two were 45 bucks for both, and the latter was for true fungal infections, which I'm not sure is what they have.

    I got Fungus Guard by Jungle. It treats columnaris, which I guess most fungal infections actually are? Is this a good idea? Do I dissolve it in water before adding it to the tank?

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  6. greenbeanette Member Member

    I put about a 1/2 a tsp in the tank. It's a 4g container with probably 3-3.5 gal of water in it. It says 1 tsp for 5 gallons, so I figured it should be ok. I can't find any info on this stuff though. Has anyone ever heard of/use it?
  7. greenbeanette Member Member

    Also it says to dose again after 24 hrs with a 25% water change. Do I do this every 24 hours or just that one time? You can read the entire label in the picture I posted of the bottle. How long do I leave the meds in the water for?

  8. greenbeanette Member Member

    Any thoughts?
  9. RogueAgent94 Fishlore Legend Member

    I think you would do that ever 24 hours until the fungus is gone. Personally I don't trust Jungle products so I cant comment much on what to do with it.
  10. Wendy Lubianetsky Well Known Member Member

    Pimafix and Melafix

    It is kind of late now that you have purchased that treatment, but a mixture of PIMAfix and MELAfix in the EARLY stages will usually take care of most bacterial and fungal infections as long as you are keepting the water clean.:;hi2

    The good thing is that it will not interrupt your cycle in your aquarium. If you Google it, I am not the only one who recomends mixing the two. It covers a broader range of illnesses that way and does not hurt anything. You can also MIX is with whatever medication you are using and it does not hurt anything. It is kind of like using an aspirin, bacetin, and a bandaid. It cures a lot.

  11. greenbeanette Member Member

    Ok, thanks for the feedback :) Should I go back a get something different? They also had Maracyn and Maracyn 2, and Maroxy. They didn't have Pimafix or Melafix. Would it be better to order something?
  12. MD Angels Well Known Member Member

    Wow, I can see why you are confused. I would try the jungle since you have it. I don't know why it doesn't say how long to treat for. I think I would remove 25% after each dose 24hrs later?
    Unless you can return it.... then I would go with Maroxy. :)
  13. greenbeanette Member Member

    Lol thank you! I could return it. Would Maroxy treat both fungal and possible bacterial look-a-likes (columnaris)? Because I'm not really sure what the fish has. It's like little white pieces of fluff that hang from his lips. They aren't thick or solid, they sway in the current lol. I think it's mouth fungus, but there is no redness around the area.
  14. greenbeanette Member Member

    I think my betta might be getting fin rot? The edges of his tail fin are white in some places. What do I do?

    He's in the 20g by himself, with some plants.
  15. greenbeanette Member Member

    I just ordered Fungus Cure and Maracyn Plus from Dr. Fosters. They are also based in WI so hopefully it won't take long to get here. I think there is something going on with my betta too. I should have never put the harlies in without quarantining. The edges of of his fins are white in some places and I think I saw a couple of white specks on him and a little something near his mouth. If he dies, I'd be devastated.
  16. greenbeanette Member Member

    So the Jungle Fungus Guard didn't work in case anyone was wondering. The fish still has a white ball on it's mouth. It actually had fallen off a couple days ago, but it's back. I did a 50% water change last night and this morning, as well as running carbon for a hour. Then I added a half a packet of API Fungus Cure. I'm supposed to add the rest in 48 hours and then wait another 48 hours and remove the meds. I hope it works. Here's a pic of the setup the harlies are in lol. It looks like they are swimming in radioactive water.

    Oh, and Pavo (betta) is doing fine :)

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  17. greenbeanette Member Member

    Ok, so I really need some input here, if you guys don't mind :confused:

    The API Fungus Cure treatment is supposed to be done today. But the affected harlequins (2 I think, maybe 3) still have a white ball on the their lower lip. However, it doesn't seem to be spreading to the healthy ones and all 7 are active and otherwise normal. No sunken bellies either, so I guess they are eating. Can I put them in the main tank? Do I treat again? Maybe with something different?